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Take-Two Will Release Over 30 Games By 2025, Including New Ports And Remasters

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Things are ramping up for Take-Two Interactive as a new financial report details the publisher’s IP plans for the next three years. According to Nintendo Life, many projects are in the works, from those already announced to undisclosed titles. Ultimately, the report revealed over 30 games are in the works, including, but not limited to, new ports and remasters. 

The full report, which can be read here, categorizes the upcoming games and provides clear definitions for each:

  • Immersive Core: Titles that have the deepest gameplay and the most hours of content. Examples include our key sports franchises (like PGA 2K and NBA 2K) as well as Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption (to name a few). 
  • Independent: Externally developed Private Division releases. 
  • Mobile: Any title released on a mobile platform.
  • Mid-core: Titles that are either an arcade title (like WWE Battlegrounds) or games that have many hours of gameplay, but not to the same extent as an immersive core title. 
  • New iterations of prior releases: This includes ports and remastered titles. Sequels would not fall into this category.

Moreover, a pipeline table in the document states Take-Two is developing 24 immersive core games, including The Quarry for June 10, Marvel’s Midnight Suns later this year, Kerbal Space Program 2 (PC) in early 2023, and NBA2K23, PGA Tour 2K23, and WWE 2K23 next year. Ten independent games, 20 mobile games like the GTA Trilogy in 2023, 7 mid-core games, including the long-awaited Tales from the Borderlands sequel, and eight new iterations of prior releases are also on the way. Fans of Take-Two’s many development studios undoubtedly have a lot to look forward to. 

It’s hard to guess the future for some of these categories, but what ports and remasters are you anticipating? Perhaps we’ll get to play a modernized Bully port! Let us know what you’re positing in the comments below! 

[Source: Nintendo Life]

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Ethereum Hashrate Breaks All-Time High, Will Price Follow?

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Ethereum hashrate has been on the rise in recent times. The cryptocurrency has been one of the most profitable ventures for crypto miners and as more people flocked to enjoy some of the spoils, the hashrate has skyrocketed. It has now hit multiple all-time highs in just the space of May alone. However, the question remains if the price of the digital asset is set to do as well as it has done in terms of its mining hashrate. Ethereum Hashrate Hits New ATH The month of May would prove to be a very good one for Ethereum when it comes to mining. After steadily climbing through the month of April, mining hashrate had touched as high as 1.1923 PH/s on the 3rd of the month. This was understandably widely celebrated in the market but it was far from done. Related Reading | Bitcoin Funding Rates Remain Unmoved Despite Plunge To $30,000 The next couple of weeks would be new all-time highs set after the other. Now, two weeks into the month, it has reached another ATH. On 13th May, the Ethereum hashrate had climbed to 1.2370 PH/s. This is the highest that the hashrate has ever been. It represents a 124% growth on a year-over-year basis.  ETH price settles above $2,000 | Source: ETHUSD on TradingView.com Ethereum still operates on a proof of work mechanism though and it is reported that there are over 80 mining pools that are currently providing the hashrate for the network. One thing to note is that the hashrate has been on the rise as the “Merge” draws closer. This upgrade would effectively eliminate the need for high computing machines required to solve complex equations to verify transactions. Instead, the network would use a proof of stake mechanism to carry out transactions.  How ETH Is Doing Ethereum has managed to make its mark above $2,000 once more. This has come after a long week fraught with crashes and dips. A hard-won victory but a victory nonetheless. However, it would seem to be the only one trend-wise.  Looking at the indicators for the digital asset, it has marked an incredibly bearish trend for both the short and long term. Even though it is maintaining its position above the $2,000 level at the time of this writing, it still marks all the boxes for a bearish asset, such as trading below the 50 to 200-day moving averages. Related Reading | Ethereum Tumbles To 10-Month Lows As Sell-Offs Intensifies Sentiment among investors has also skewed completely into the selling territory. With even the 100 – 200-day MACD pointing towards sell. What this shows is that the selling pressure on investors at this time is one of the highest it has ever been in recent times. Nevertheless, ETH holders are not doing too badly compared to others. The majority of those who hold the digital asset remains in the profit territory even though ETH has lost over half of its all-time high value. It is also worth noting that the majority have been holding their coins for more than one year. Featured image from Medium, chart from TradingView.com
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Kerbal Space Program 2 Will Now Blast Off In Early 2023

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Kerbal Space Program 2 will remain grounded a while longer. Developer Star Theory has delayed the game’s launch to early 2023.

Creative director Nate Simpson explained on the project’s forums and in a video message that designing the space flight simulator has “tremendous technological complexity” and the team needs more time to ensure its polish. In the video posted below, Simpson elaborates by saying: 

“We’ve also set ourselves a very high bar of quality. The game has to [perform] across a wide range of machines. The graphics have to be peerless. The universe has to be rich and interesting to explore. We’ve set ourselves the goal, internally, of creating an experience that is both original and breathtaking.” 

Like its well-received predecessor, Kerbal Space Program 2 tasks players with commanding a space program helmed by adorable green astronauts to construct rockets and other crafts to explore space. The game utilizes realistic physics to allow players to execute real-life orbital maneuvers used to locate and land upon celestial bodies. The sequel was first announced at Gamescom 2019 with a 2020 release window. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic delayed development and forced the team to aim for Fall 2021 instead. Of course, the game missed that window, too, and was most recently slated to arrive later this year. 

Kerbal Space Program 2 is targeting PC at launch, with the console versions arriving later that year.

Unfortunately, Kerbal isn’t the only big game to get pushed to 2023. We recently compiled a list of every major 2022 title to slip out of the year that you can read here

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New leak suggest seven Intel GPUs will release soon

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A new batch of Intel Driver updates may have leaked new information about the hardware company’s upcoming graphics card lineup. It’s expected that the graphics card that PC builders can use will be called the A310, A380, A580, A750 and the A770. These are the same names as Intel’s mobile GPU units, but without an […]