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Coinbase CEO says crypto will heal, take 15% of global GDP 

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Coinbase founder and CEO Brian Armstrong dismissed the current pessimistic approaches to the market and said crypto would take 15% of global GDP in 20 years.  Speaking at Coinbase’s Q1 earnings call, Armstrong said: “In my mind, this  [crypto] is a little bit like the early days of the Internet, where you saw the birth […]

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Central Bank of Chile Studies Issuance of a Digital Currency

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Bank of ChileThe Central Bank of Chile revealed it is studying how to issue a national digital currency, the digital peso. The bank issued a report titled “Issuance of a Central Bank Digital Currency in Chile,” where it explores the possibility of the creation of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) in the future, the mechanism it […]
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Think You Know Your Elden Ring Lore? Try Our Trivia Quiz

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Though Elden Ring has earned a fair bit of notoriety for its difficulty, it turns out there’s something even tougher than becoming Elden Lord: keeping track of the game’s story. With dozens of similarly named characters, centuries of history, and a sprawling map occupied by countless factions, dragons, and… dogs, there’s a lot to keep straight. Fortunately–and only after pouring a few hundred hours into the game–we here at GameSpot think we might now have a pretty solid grasp on what went down leading up to the game. Think you do too? Well then, be sure to take our (spoiler-filled!) trivia quiz.

Which is not an Elden Ring class?

A. Hero

B. Vagabond

C. Samurai

D. Assassin

D. Assassin. Elden Ring has ten playable classes: Hero, Bandit, Astrologer, Warrior, Prisoner, Confessor, Wretch, Vagabond, Prophet, and Samurai.

Who shattered the Elden Ring?

A. Godfrey, The First Elden Lord

B. Marika the Eternal

C. Radagon, The Second Elden Lord

D. Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon

B. Marika the Eternal. Following the death of her son Godwyn, Marika decided to destroy the Elden Ring, ripping out all its runes and commencing The Land Between’s descent into chaos.

Which of these characters is not closely associated with an Elden Ring ending?

A. Dung Eater

B. Fia the Deathbed Companion

C. Sorcerer Rogier

D. Lunar Princess Rani

C. Rogier. There are quite a few endings in Elden Ring, but Rogier the sorcerer is not closely associated with any of them. Renna, on the other hand, leads to the Age of Stars ending, Fia leads to the Age of the Duskborn ending, and Dung Eater leads to the Blessing of Despair ending.

What is the only known cure for frenzy in the game?

A. Holy Water

B. Rennala’s Remedy

C. Blood Ministration

D. Miquella’s Needle

D. Miquella’s Needle. Accidentally had a very unfortunate encounter with a very large set of fingers? Don’t worry, Miquella’s Needle will fix you up good as new–assuming you complete Millicent’s entire questline and best both Malenia and Dragonlord Placidusax in battle.

How is General Radahn able to ride his horse despite his massive size?

A. He uses gravity magic to make himself nearly weightless

B. He imbued his steed with great strength

C. The rot within his body is weightless, consuming him but not weighing him down

D. His horse is also infected with scarlet rot, causing him to not feel pain

A. He uses gravity magic to make himself nearly weightless. While Radahn might not seem as outwardly magical as the rest of his family, he’s actually quite skilled in gravity magic. Turns out, the big guy picked it up when he outgrew his horse and missed riding him so much he figured out how to reduce the gravitational pull on his body to keep hanging out with his buddy.

What animal represents Godfrey, the first Elden Lord?

A. Stormhawk

B. Wolf

C. Lion

D. Dog (Turtle)

C. Lion. Before becoming Marika’s husband (and subsequently, the first Elden Lord), Godfrey was a fierce warrior by the name of Hoarah Loux. As part of his vows, Marika gave Loux a spectral lion to wear upon his back, suppressing his lust for blood and turning him from brute to holy champion. That lion, called Regent Serosh, came to represent Godfrey.

Who stole a fragment of the Rune of Death?

A. Marika the Eternal

B. Radagon of the Golden Order

C. Ranni, Lunar Princess

D. Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon

C. Ranni, Lunar Princess. Dissatisfied with the Golden Order and the future seemingly set in stone for her, Ranni stole the Rune of Death from Maliketh to use on herself and bring back destined death.

What is the first recorded death of a demigod in history?

A. The death of Godwyn the Golden

B. The death of Miquella

C. The death of General Radhan

D. The death of Malenia the Severed

A. The death of Godwyn the Golden. The death of Godwyn the Golden at the hands of the Black Knife Assassins is the first recorded death of a demigod. While some speculate Ranni had something to do with it–after all, the rune she stole was used to kill him–a great deal of evidence suggests Marika might just be responsible for the murder of her son.

Why is Marika called Marika the Eternal?

A. She rid the world of destined death.

B. She has always lived and cannot die.

C. She carries the rune of death, doling out death to others while remaining immortal herself.

D. She absorbs the spirits of the dead, allowing her to live forever.

A. She rid the world of destined death. Before the shattering, Marika plucked the Great Rune of Death from the Elden Ring and gave it to her faithful shadow, Maliketh. In doing so, she eliminated the concept of death–at least as we know it–from The Lands Between.

Who is the Prince of Death?

A. Mohg

B. Rykard

C. Morgott

D. Godwyn

D. Godwyn. There are a lot of cool titles in Elden Ring. For example, Mohg is The Lord of Blood, Rykard is The Lord of Blasphemy, and Morgott is The Omen King. However, the title Prince of Death belongs to the first demigod to ever be slain, Godwyn.

Which of these characters does not have red hair?

A. Miquella

B. Millicent

C. Malenia

D. Radagon

A. Miquella. Despite being Malenia’s twin brother, Miquella takes after his mother Marika and has platinum blonde hair.

What was the name of Godfrey’s elite group of soldiers?

A. The Godskin

B. The Crucible Knights

C. The Black Blades

D. The Golden Order

B. The Crucible Knights. 16 Crucible Knights served Godfrey while he was Elden Lord, each one in possession of great, primordial powers. In fact, it is these powers that gave the knights the ability to summon wings and a giant tail to aid in combat–something we’re sure you’re begrudgingly familiar with.

Why is Caelid covered in scarlet rot?

A. Malenia unleashed it upon the land during her battle against Radahn

B. Marika cursed the land after Radahn went to war against her

C. Radahn accidentally unleashed it upon the land when returning from battle

D. After The Shattering, rot began to consume Caelid without reason

A. Malenia unleashed it upon the land during her battle against Radahn. While Malenia has never known defeat, she does know just how infuriating a tie can be. While caught in an epic stalemate against General Radahn, Malenia triggered her Scarlet Aoenia skill–inflicting Scarlet Rot on not only Radahn, but all of Caelid–in order to retreat to safety.

What is inside Rennala the Queen of the Full Moon’s amber egg?

A. A Fragment of the Rune of Death

B. The Great Rune of the Unchaning

C. The Primordial Glintstone Fragment

D. The Great Rune of the Unborn

D. The Great Rune of the Unborn. Turns out, Rennala kept a couple things from her divorce, one of them being the Great Rune of the Unborn that Radagon gave to her. Rennala now uses the rune to birth her students anew.

Which two characters are not the same person?

A. Radagon and Marika

B. Ranni and Rennala

C. Godfrey and Hoarah Loux

D. Ranni and Renna

B. Ranni and Rennala. Though Ranni might have an alias, it’s Renna–not Rennala. Rennala is the Lunar Princess’ mother.

What is a Shabriri grape?

A. The forbidden fruit of the Erdtree

B. An eyeball

C. A grape grown in the vineyards near the Village of Frenzied Flame

D. The Carian Royal family’s greatest delicacy

B. An eyeball. That’s right, just in case you didn’t catch that description, they’re eyeballs. Though we also would have accepted Hyetta’s favorite snack.

Which is not true about the Black Knife Assassins?

A. They are of the Numen race, same as Marika

B. They are responsible for the death of Godwyn the Golden

C. They carry out the bidding of the Three Fingers

D. They are a group of entirely women

C. They carry out the bidding of the Three Fingers. The Black Knife Assassins do not serve the Flame of Frenzy, but it does seem possible that they could have served Marika in some regard.

Who led The Long March of the Tarnished?

A. Godwyn the Golden

B. Radagon of the Golden Order

C. General Rahdahn

D. Godfrey, First Elden Lord

D. Godfrey, First Elden Lord. After establishing the Golden Order’s dominance in The Lands Between, Godfrey was exiled from the continent. While the reason for his exile isn’t clear (one theory is he discovered Marika/Radagon’s little secret, another claims it was the Greater Will’s doing), what is clear is just how reviled the once beloved Lord came to be. Following his exile, both his kind and kin were labeled „tarnished.”

Who challenged the Golden Order?

A. The Storm Lord of Stormveil

B. The Ancient Dragons and Northern Giants

C. The Carian Royal Family

D. All of the above

D. All of the above. Prior to the establishment of the Golden Order, plenty of other beings and factions inhabited The Lands Between. As the Order rose to power, it was challenged by the ancient dragons, northern giants, the Storm Lord of Stormveil, and the Carian royal family.