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Why Trump Won Last Night, Big (Ep 1359)

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In this episode, I discuss the key takeaways from the first presidential debate. I also address the big revelations in the Spygate scandal. 

News Picks:

Now we know. Hillary cooked up the collusion hoax, and Obama knew.

Trump and Biden duke it out at the first presidential debate.  

Chris Wallace is getting destroyed for his debate performance.

Joe Biden was speechless when asked to name one police group who supported him. 

Trump did agree to condemn white supremacists. Don’t believe the BS. 

This may be the single dumbest “fact-check” in the history of fact-checking. 

Florida schools reopened and the Coronavirus panic-merchants predictions fell flat. 

Read presidential policy directive 41 under Obama.

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The Secrets of Cottonwood Creek

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In this Dateline classic, Fred and Leslie Mueller are weeks away from celebrating their 27th wedding anniversary when a photo-op during a hike goes horribly wrong. Andrea Canning reports. Originally aired on NBC on May 30, 2014.

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This Could be a Deal Breaker in the Debate Tonight (Ep 1358)

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In this episode, I address the critical question about tonight’s presidential debate that could determine the winner. I also address the latest Hollywood and media effort to rewrite the Spygate scandal. 

News Picks:

Can Biden keep his cool during the debate?

Nancy Pelosi is already preparing the Democrats for post-election chaos. 

What happens if one of the presidential candidates cannot take office?

More evidence that Brian Stelter is the dumbest man on television. 

A new movie about the Spygate scandal, and meant to rescue Jim Comey, botches key facts. 

Trays of mail, including absentee ballots found in a ditch in Wisconsin.

Joe Rogan is a target of the woke SJWs at Spotify.

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Left for Dead

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A young woman survives a brutal attack and detectives work tirelessly to find a suspect. But when they finally do, the victim is convinced they have the wrong man. Keith Morrison reports.

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Another Fake News Hoax Implodes (Ep 1357)

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In this episode, I address the real reason the Democrats are panicking over the Supreme Court. I also address two explosive new pieces of information about the ongoing deep-state scandal to take down Trump. 

News Picks:

The N.Y. Times fake “bombshell” about Trump’s tax returns, lands with a thud.

Project Veritas exposes a potentially massive voter fraud scheme. 

The FBI personnel involved in the Spygate scandal were worried about being sued. 

Explosive new developments in the Spygate scandal. Did the FBI take information from a suspected Russian spy? 

There was NEVER evidence of Russian collusion. 

The Hunter Biden scandal continues to get ugly. 

Behold! Perhaps the best police video ever. 

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Is This The Next Bombshell to Drop? (Ep 1355)

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In this episode, I address the explosive revelation that the Clinton’s may be back on the DOJ radar. 

News Picks:

Is the Justice Department looking into the Clinton Foundation again?

Remember this piece about the disastrous Clinton Foundation?

Is this what the Clintons are hiding about the Clinton Foundation?

Insane crowd screams at the President as he pays respects to Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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Are the Democrats Colluding With Big Tech? (1354)

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In this episode, I address the collusion between liberal election-chaos groups and the tech tyrants. I also address a disastrous interview for Joe Biden when a journalist decides to do his job. 

News Picks:

Here’s the real story behind the death of Breonna Taylor.

Two police officers were shot during the riots last night.

Some republicans see gold in the Democrat’s unhinged response to the open Supreme Court seat.  

Don’t fall for simplistic claims about the tragic California wildfires.

Silicon Valley is toying with the 2020 election and they could be causing a catastrophe.

New Yorkers are fleeing for Florida.

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