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The Epstein Case Blows Up (Ep 1310)

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In this episode, I address the stunning release of troubling documents in the Jeffrey Epstein case. A lot of powerful people are sweating today. I also discuss the vicious fight coming to your front door that you’ll no longer be able to avoid. 

News Picks:

The Jeffrey Epstein case explodes!

The leftist ghoul’s response to the death of Herman Cain is grotesque.

The FBI finally acknowledges the major problems with the Carter Page FISA.

Justice is dead. And the continued witch-hunt against General Mike Flynn is proof.

The ANTIFA terrorists are starting to eat each other alive.

Seasonal Flu poses a greater risk to school children than the coronavirus. 

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The Media Wants to go Back to the Dark Ages (Ep 1309)

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In this episode, I address the ongoing suppression of science in an effort to advance liberal coronavirus narratives. We are entering a troubling new era of anti-science because of the media and the left. 
I also address a media report showing the profound troubles with mass mail-in voting. 

News Picks:

Three reasons the Democrats are panicked over the Spygate investigation.

Trump-supporting Democrat state representative calls out MSNBC host over biased comments. 

This website tracks the scientific studies on the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine.

Dr. Fauci accused by Yale doctor of using misinformation.

Chicago Tribune columnist tells cancel culture to pound sand.

Some firearm manufacturers are struggling despite strong demand.

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Deadly Devotion

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In this Dateline classic, a decorated army captain returns home safe and sound from Saudi Arabia. But a few months later — tragedy strikes. Who would want to hurt this beloved commander? Andrea Canning reports. Originally aired on NBC on March 11, 2016.

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Reclaiming My Show (Ep 1308)

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In this episode, I address the explosion in censorship by the big tech tyrants. I also address a troubling story about the attacks on conservative website Breitbart. I discuss the troubling deep state connections of the cabal responsible for the attempted takedown of President Trump. 

News Picks:

Hapless congressional representative Jayapal gets dunked on while questioning Bill Barr.

Police agencies are pulling out of the Democrats’ convention because of their war on police.

Tech tyranny and speech suppression are real. Breitbart speaks out. 

More on Google’s war on conservatives.

Twitter locks out parts of Don Trump Jr’s account.

As least one of the rioters who broke into the private street the McCloskey’s lived on was armed. 

The Supreme Court tosses the First Amendment out of the window.

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Internal Affairs

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When graduate student Denita Monique Smith is shot outside of her North Carolina home, detectives discover a love triangle connected to the case. Josh Mankiewicz reports.

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Twitter Goes On The Attack (Ep 1307)

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In this episode, I address the stunning connections emerging between the multiple plots to take down President Trump. I also address the latest propaganda efforts by the terror-group ANTIFA. I discuss an astonishing UFO story that has managed to escape wider scrutiny. 

News Picks:

Twitter partially suspends Don Trump Jr.

This is the website discussed on my show which tracks the daily death rate from the coronavirus by state.

What was the FBI planning to do with Christopher Steele’s primary source? 

This January 2020 article details show additional shady ties between Spygate players and the impeachment hoax. 

President Trump takes a bold step towards school choice.

Has the truth finally come out about UFOs?

Proper grammar is now “racist” according to this college. 

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A Place on the Sand

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In this Dateline classic, Florida motel owner, Sabine Musil-Buehler, suddenly disappears, leaving family, friends and detectives wondering what could have happened to her. Keith Morrison reports. Originally aired on NBC on February 19, 2016.

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The Democrats’ Disturbing Plan Revealed (Ep 1306)

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In this episode, I address the deeply troubling new information surfacing about the connections between the Spygate plot to take down Trump, and the impeachment hoax. I also discuss the media’s sorry efforts to cover up the spread of the coronavirus in areas where rioting is occurring. 

News Picks:

My appearance on Fox and Friends this morning about Spygate.

Devin Nunes blows the doors off of the Spygate/Brookings connection.

This article lays out the connections between the Brookings Institute and the Spygate plotters. 

Prominent pollster suggests Trump’s re-election hinges on these things.

The Democrats are plotting to destroy the suburbs and your neighborhood. Mark Levin covered it last night.

Liberal media hacks are oddly silent about the big spike in coronavirus cases in areas plagued with rioting. 

Don’t buy ANTIFA’s latest propaganda ploy.

ANTIFA is a racist terror-group. The evidence is everywhere.

The hapless Chicago Mayor makes more disgusting comments about federal agents. 

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Explosive New Revelations Emerge About the Plot Against Trump (Ep 1305)

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In this episode, I address the explosive new revelations about the plot to take down the Trump campaign and the Trump presidency. I also address the continued misinformation campaign designed to keep your children out of school and damage their futures. 

News Picks:

The kids belong back in school. The science is overwhelming.

If teachers unions really cared about the kids they wouldn’t be making these ridiculous demands. 

Stunning new information emerges about the FBI’s spying operation on Trump.

An informative background article on why FBI agent Joe Pientka is central to the Spygate case.

The media coverage of the Portland riots has been ridiculous.

Crazy Democrats are trying to take away the President’s power to pardon. 

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The Most Important Show I’ve Done in a While (Ep 1304)

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In this episode, I address the bold decision by President Trump yesterday which could change the election. I also address stunning new data about the real risks, or lack thereof, to teachers from children returning to school. I also address Joe Biden’s devastating plan for the suburbs. 

News Picks:

There is NO known case of a teacher catching the coronavirus from pupils says this scientist. 

The risk to teachers from coronavirus infection spread from children is extremely low.

President Trump takes a stand and orders federal agents to Chicago to help clean up the dangerous mess.

Joe Biden’s plan to destroy the suburbs.

The now disgraced Major League Baseball approved a “Black Lives Matter” patch for uniforms. 

Planned Parenthood removed statue of eugenicist Margaret Sanger. 

Hollywood is fully embracing racism.

The price tag of Joe Biden’s ridiculous spending binge: 10 trillion dollars! 

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