Another Fake News Bombshell Collapses (Ep 1287)

29 czerwca, 2020 Wyłączone przez admin

In this episode I address the explosive fake news bombshell planted in The NY Times this weekend. I discuss the tech tyrants outrageous suspension of this conservative superstar. I also address the stellar response to the riots in Oklahoma, contrasted with the explosion of violence and chaos elsewhere. News Picks:
Three members of the Minneapolis City Council, who voted to gut the police force, now have private security. 
Is the latest leak to The NY Times about the Taliban/Russian bounty credible? 
The liberal media doubles down on their deranged attacks on Parler. 

Listen to this distressing call from a woman with a child in the car, as she is surrounded by protestors.
The deranged media is STILL trying to blame conservative media for the Wuhan Virus.
The liberal war on history continues. This time at Princeton.

Oklahoma authorities charge rioters with terrorism. This isn’t Seattle! 
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