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This One Issue Could Change Everything in 2020 (Ep 1288)

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In this episode I address the catastrophic decision by this big city Mayor which could change everything. I also address what happened in the Supreme Court and how it will change the 2020 election. 

News Picks:

7 times Chief Justice Roberts was a leftist hack. 

Bill DeBlasio confirms he plans to cut 1 billion dollars from NYPD budget. 

Yale dismisses demands to change its name following a cancel culture uproar. 

Police reform and the making of a racism narrative. 

The Des Moines Register publishes the truth about police use of force incidents. 

Biden tells donors he plans on hiking your taxes. 

Prominent environmental activist has a change of heart?

Democrats delete a deranged tweet targeting Mount Rushmore over “white supremacy.”

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In this Dateline classic, an Iowa mother, home alone with her three children, is attacked. The confrontation turns fatal. But is the truth more twisted than anyone could imagine? Dennis Murphy reports. Originally aired on NBC on June 1, 2012.

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Another Fake News Bombshell Collapses (Ep 1287)

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In this episode I address the explosive fake news bombshell planted in The NY Times this weekend. I discuss the tech tyrants outrageous suspension of this conservative superstar. I also address the stellar response to the riots in Oklahoma, contrasted with the explosion of violence and chaos elsewhere. 

News Picks:

Three members of the Minneapolis City Council, who voted to gut the police force, now have private security. 

Is the latest leak to The NY Times about the Taliban/Russian bounty credible? 

The liberal media doubles down on their deranged attacks on Parler. 

Listen to this distressing call from a woman with a child in the car, as she is surrounded by protestors.

The deranged media is STILL trying to blame conservative media for the Wuhan Virus.

The liberal war on history continues. This time at Princeton.

Oklahoma authorities charge rioters with terrorism. This isn’t Seattle! 

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Who is Really Behind This Chaos? (Ep 1285)

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In this episode, I discuss the catastrophe ahead if we lose the 2020 election. I also discuss the four things the media is hiding about “Black Lives Matter.” 

News Picks:

Is the media causing panic and hysteria over Texas coronavirus infections? 

Four things the liberal media won’t tell you about Black Lives Matter. 

Who’s really behind Black Lives Matter?

As twitter doubles down on tech tyranny, users flock to Parler. 

The brain drain from the NYPD has begun. The warning signs are everywhere. 

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Don’t be Intimidated. Fight Back. (Ep 1284)

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Did the Obama administration get the idea to take down General Flynn from a television show? This may sound strange, but the evidence is powerful. I also address the stunning comments by the NY head of Black Lives Matter. Finally, I discuss Twitter’s war on conservatives and how we’re fighting back. 

News Picks:

Bombshell: Obama directed the corrupt operation against Mike Flynn.

Conservatives are taking a stand against twitter and jumping to Parler.

As Parler explodes, the liberal media attacks.

Out of touch celebrities demand studios divest from police departments. 

Black lives matter leader threatens to burn down the system. 

Did the Obama administration rip off lines from the TV show “The West Wing”?

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This is Not About Statues! (Ep 1283)

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In this episode I address the real reasons the radical left is tearing down our culture, and inanimate statues. I also discuss the bombshell news about General Flynn and the involvement of Barack Obama. 

News Picks:

The case against General Flynn has been dismissed!

The media blows it again! They got caught pumping another hoax. 

The liberal media are garbage. And everyone knows it. Look at this poll. 

Why does the FBI keep “finding” new exculpatory material in the Mike Flynn case?

Oregon orders masks to be worn, except if you’re a Minority concerned about racial profiling. 

Liberal corporations are boycotting Facebook?

The DOJ has been on an indictment spree for violent rioters and anarchists. 

Rhode Island is changing its name?

Here are the real world consequences of the death tax.

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The Last Dance

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In this Dateline classic, a mother of two vanishes from her home, leading investigators to uncover a disturbing connection between her recent weight loss and her mysterious disappearance. Andrea Canning reports. Originally aired on NBC on April 3, 2015.

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Bonus: The Bongino Brief – 6/23/2020

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There is a new way to get Dan Bongino for your Alexa device, it’s called The Bongino Brief. Here is today’s sample, with instructions on how you can get it for your Alexa device.
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Are We Looking at an Election 2020 Nightmare Scenario? (Ep 1282)

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In this episode I address the potential for a 2020 election nightmare which would tear the country apart. I also address the riots in front of the White House last night. I discuss the latest outrageous media attack on innocent civilians trying to defend themselves. 

News Picks:

Hundreds of New Jersey Republicans received ballots listing only Democrat candidates. 

Liberal activist promotes the destruction of Christian statues. 

Left wing NPR falsely calls the victim of an attack by rioters a “white supremacist.”

Murder rates are skyrocketing as police pull back. 

Left wing writer pushes an insane conspiracy theory on twitter.

The tech tyrants strike again. 

Are luxury companies preparing a mass exodus from Manhattan after the riots?

Did the fired SDNY attorney drop the ball on Biden corruption? 

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