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Deeply Troubling Video Emerges from the Riots (Ep 1262)

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In this episode, I address the exploding war between President Trump, and the Twitter tech tyrants. I also address the riots in Minneapolis, and the only way to stop them. 

News Picks:

Did the Minneapolis police officer, and George Floyd, know each other?

MSNBC reporter says rioters are not generally unruly as building burns behind him. 

Twitter doubles down in their fight against President Trump. 

The story behind the Trump Executive Order on social media bias.

Deep-Fakes are going to become a huge problem.

Planned Parenthood personnel admit some disgusting things while under oath. 

Remember when Barack Obama describes rioters as “thugs”?

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes gets wrecked when he tries to compare Michigan protestors to the riots in Minneapolis.

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The Obama Order That Changed Everything (Ep 1261)

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In this episode I address the explosive Obama Executive Order which has escaped media scrutiny in the unmasking scandal. I also address the death of George Floyd and the rioting in Minneapolis. Finally, I discuss the media’s desperation to spin the Coronavirus tragedy in blue states. 

News Picks:

President Trump takes action against the tech tyrants today. 

The January, 2017 Atlantic article about that suspicious Obama Executive Order.

The Pew Research Center outrageously tries to spin the disastrous Wuhan Virus response of the Democrat Governors.

New York deletes the web page containing the controversy nursing home order by Democrat Governor Cuomo.

Was Cuomo cooking the books to downplay his deadly nursing home policy in NY?

Bombshell new study suggests half the uninfected population may already be immune. 

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Someone Was Waiting

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In this Dateline classic, detectives in Frisco, Texas uncover a series of suspects after a woman is found dead in her garage — all of them connected in different ways to her complicated and secretive life. Josh Mankiewicz reports. Originally aired on NBC on December 9, 2016.

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Tech Tyrants Declare War on Trump (Ep 1260)

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In this episode I address the troubling new developments in the tech tyrant’s war on conservatives and Donald Trump. I also address the infamous Russia “hack” of the DNC – did it really happen. Finally I address Americans fighting back against the outrageous lockdowns. 

News Picks:

Twitter “fact-checked” President Trump’s claims about mail-in voting fraud. But they must have “missed” this New York Times article.

This 2018 article shows the far-left political leanings of Twitter. 

Explosive new revelations about the Andrew Cuomo nursing home scandal are emerging. 

MSNBC gets wrecked on camera. 

This Federalist article documents the connections between Soros, Jones, and Warner. 

Protests in Minneapolis a after the death of a man a police officer had pinned down. 

Where’s the evidence of the supposed Russian hacking of the DNC

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Dangerous Liaisons

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In this Dateline classic, when a 33-year-old Catholic high school tutor in Grand Rapids, Michigan is charged with having an illegal relationship with a 15-year-old student, her stunning defense leads to an emotional courtroom battle. Keith Morrison reports. Originally aired on NBC on June 4, 2015.

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Was The “Hack” Another Hoax? (Ep 1259)

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In this episode I address the economic development that has the Democrats terrified about the 2020 election. I also address that infamous Russia “hack.” Did it really happen? I discuss the tech tyrants new moves to silence us. Finally, I address more explosive evidence indicating Obama knew about the Spygate scandal. 

News Picks:

Obama knew! He was the ringleader.

The Facebook tech tyrants are at it again.

The twitter tech tyrants strike again too!

Sorry media hacks, but you’re not “victims.”

Are we headed for an incredible economic rebound?

Who is really politicizing the Mike Flynn case?

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Mystery in Big Sky Country

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When Bryan Rein, a young Montana veterinarian, is found dead at his home with a gun nearby, police quickly discover there is more to this case than meets the eye. As the investigation spans more than two decades, police sort through conflicting evidence to find out what really happened. Keith Morrison reports. Originally aired on NBC on May 22, 2020.

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What Are They Hiding? They’re Lawyering Up. (Ep 1258)

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In this episode I address the increasingly bizarre case against General Mike Flynn as the judge in the case lawyers up! I also cover the explosive growth of podcasts as evidenced by the latest Joe Rogan deal. Finally, I address the Biden team meltdown over this video. 

News Picks:

General Flynn’s name was not masked, he was targeted directly.

The “judge” in General Flynn’s case lawyers up. 

The FBI launched the collusion hoax probe based on the flimsiest of evidence. 

Did the FBI pay Christopher Steele to target General Flynn?

Why Joe Rogan’s 100 million dollar deal matters. 

Seven abuses of power by local governments during the Wuhan Virus crisis.

President Trump aims to cut red tape for doctors. 

A big win for the patriotic Michigan barber who fought to stay open. 

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The Biden Bombshell (Ep 1257)

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In this episode I address the explosive Joe Biden tapes, which the media is ignoring. I also address the disturbing reason Barack Obama targeting General Flynn for destruction. 

News Picks:

Here’s why General Flynn was a threat to Barack Obama.

A thorough detailing of the Mike Flynn targeting scandal.

Team Biden panics as the Biden/Ukraine tapes leak. 

The hapless Kamala Harris introduces a ridiculous resolution demanding we stop calling the Wuhan Virus from China, the Wuhan Virus from China. 

The Russian collusion hoax was a fraud from the start.

Doctors in California are seeing more deaths from suicide than from the Wuhan Virus.

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