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We Need an Immediate Exit Strategy (Ep 1217)

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In this episode, I address the brewing plot by Nancy Pelosi to attack the Trump administration in the middle of a crisis. I also address the exit strategy from this economic shutdown that must be implemented immediately. Finally, I address the latest Moscow Maddow meltdown. 

News Picks:

The US death rate from the Wuhan virus remains low.

George Soros is back!

President Trump mentions the potential theft of masks and the media loses their minds. Except for the fact that they already spoke about it themselves. 

The DOJ is investigating the stock trades of this US Senator, before the pandemic.

Freed inmates are being given cell phones, cab fare and hotel rooms. 

Moscow Maddow face plants again while promoting fake news. 

Nancy Pelosi is an embarrassment to the country.

The left, and their media allies, are on the wrong side of the fight for a coronavirus treatment. 

Is the North Korean tyrant getting ideas from the pandemic?

Nancy Pelosi is already preparing for a political battle.

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Return to the Lonely Road

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Brittany Stork’s decades-long quest to find out more about her mother’s mysterious death leads to a dramatic courtroom decision. The man at the center of the case tells his story to Dennis Murphy. Originally aired on NBC on March 27, 2020.

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What Winning this Fight Looks Like (Ep 1216)

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In this episode, I discuss what the media, and Pelosi, are trying to hide from you about the Wuhan virus. I also address what winning in this fight looks like on the other side. I address the latest troubling communications to emerge in the Spygate case which should put to bed liberal myths about the case. 

News Picks:

Chuck Todd humiliates himself and his network, AGAIN, on his weekend television show.

What the media isn’t telling about the United States’ Wuhan Virus numbers.

New documents reveal the FBI stalled for a month on the Clinton email investigation. 

President Trump is right, we should not be paying for Harry & Meghan’s security details.

President Trump surges to a tie in the polls with Joe Biden.

Medicare for all would be a disaster in a pandemic. 

Liberals calling for censorship is the most liberal thing ever. 

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Panic Merchants and Hysteria Traders are Everywhere (Ep 1215)

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In this episode, I address the hidden pork in the “stimulus” bill which will infuriate you. I also address a real plan going forward which would save our economy and our children’s prosperity. I discuss the media panic merchants and their latest lies and distortions designed to spread hysteria. 

News Picks:

These companies are hiring during the Wuhan Virus outbreak. 

The NY Times desperately tries to spread panic and gets fact-checked into the Phantom Zone.

Five things that will likely change after the Wuhan Virus crisis clears. 

As President Trump’s poll numbers rise, the media begins the call to silence him. 

Demanding Wuhan Virus screenings, Mexican protestors prevent Americans from crossing the border.

We spent ourselves into the abyss during the growth years and now, in a crisis, we’re left with no tools in the toolbox. 

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What Really Happened Last Night (Ep 1214)

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In this episode, I address the backlash brewing over the faulty “modeling” used to shutdown the country’s economy. You’re not going to believe the about-face going on. I also address the trouble hidden inside the “stimulus” bill that passed in the Senate last night. 

News Picks:

Here are the real costs for you of the “stimulus” plan. 

Are the models for the spread of the Wuhan Virus wrong?

After the H1N1 epidemic the Obama administration failed to replace the emergency stockpile of masks. 

Weekly jobless claims rise dramatically.

Joe Biden just can’t stop lying about President Trump’s handling of the Wuhan Virus. 

“Woke” Harvard, despite its massive cash-pile endowment, is laying people off?

The free market is a wonderful thing. Thankfully we’re not a socialist country.

DOJ says intentionally exposing someone to the Wuhan Virus is an act of terror. 

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In this Dateline classic, a pair of double homicides in Nebraska, five years apart, lead police to fear a serial killer may be on the loose. Josh Mankiewicz reports. Originally aired on NBC on March 17, 2017.

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At Last, Some Good News (Ep 1213)

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In this episode, I address an explosive article in the Wall Street Journal about the Wuhan Virus which questions everything. I also address the continued misinformation and hysteria campaigns being waged by the liberal media. Finally I discuss a critical Supreme Court ruling on racial discrimination and a disastrous decision by the Democrat Nevada Governor. 

News Picks:

Stocks enjoy one of the best days in American history.

President Trump’s approval rating pops to 49%.

What we currently know about potential treatments for the Wuhan Virus. 

George Soros bankrolls coronavirus political attack ads. 

After impeaching Trump for a fake “quid pro quo,” Pelosi demands a quid pro quo from Americans. 

Hilarious. Moscow Rachel Maddow is warning about “misinformation.”

These two Democrat governors are working with President Trump with “mutual respect.”

Supreme Court unanimously agrees that racial discrimination cases must show racial discrimination.  

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In Broad Daylight

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In this Dateline classic, a quiet, leafy street in Long Beach, California where violent crimes are nearly unheard of, is shocked one November morning when a terrible murder happens. Keith Morrison reports. Originally aired on NBC on March 6, 2015.

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It’s Official, Trump has Broken the Useless Media (Ep 1212)

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In this episode, I address the worst fake news story yet, as the media continues to promote insanity and hysteria. I also address the ridiculous pork Pelosi tried to insert in the Wuhan Virus Bill. 

News Picks:

Nobel laureate predicts a quicker recovery from the Wuhan Virus pandemic. 

The liberal media is still promoting propaganda from China, at your expense.

House Democrats admit that they block legislation because they didn’t want to “give Trump a win.” 

The hapless Democrats blocked another Wuhan virus relief bill. 

Here’s what’s in the Wuhan Virus Bill. 

Here’s a list of all the pork in the Wuhan Virus Bill.

Democrat lawmaker wants to use this crisis to “restructure” America.

Turns out it was President Obama that depleted the national supply of n95 masks.  

Be very wary of this new push for the digital dollar.

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The Ranch

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The Valseca siblings’ lives are changed when their father is taken hostage in an orchestrated abduction. For the first time, they open up about how their mother faced a band of international criminals to bring their father home. Keith Morrison reports. Originally aired March 20, 2020.