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What an Embarrassing Spectacle We Witnessed (Ep 926)

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In this episode I address the disastrous Michael Cohen hearing on Capitol Hill. Cohen is a proven liar who discredited himself multiple times yesterday during the hearing. I pick apart all of Cohen’s lies and mis-statements. News Picks:
Lindsey Graham issued a scathing statement about the timing of the Michael Cohen hearing.
Michael Cohen admits that he has no evidence of collusion.
Of course deficits and debt matter.
PayPal is partnering with the Southern Poverty Law Center to blacklist conservatives.
The Democrats, and a handful of Republicans, vote on Trump’s emergency declaration.
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Troubling New Revelations About this Miscarriage of Justice (Ep 925)

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In this episode I address the troubling new revelations regarding the extent the DOJ went to in order to hide the Clinton corruption. I also address the real reason that the Democrats are putting Michael Cohen behind closed doors. Finally, I address a series of liberal lies about “Medicare for all.” 
News Picks:
The Green New Deal would cost an astonishing 94 trillion dollars.
Bill Maher’s smug red state mockery couldn’t be more wrong.
Democrats are asking Michael Cohen all the wrong questions.
Democrats voted for infanticide yesterday. Absolutely disgusting.
The fix was in for Hillary Clinton.
When is the investigation going to start into John Brennan?
The Green New Deal would cost every American household $65,000.
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The Latest Liberal Giveaway Will Blow Your Mind (Ep 924)

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In this episode I address the latest, radical, liberal nonsense proposal. This will blow your mind. I also address the one question to ask your liberal friends which will immediately shut them down. News Picks: 
This one question turns socialists into capitalists.
The media wants you to believe that Trump is especially vulnerable to a Primary challenge.
Sleazy Adam Schiff has serious collusion issues.  
“The Trump administration announced on that it will ban tax-payer funded facilities from promoting or performing abortions.”
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thinks the planet will be a disaster for your kids and cites “science.”
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The Greatest Constitutional Crisis Since the Civil War (Ep 923)

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In this episode I address the massive constitutional crisis staring us in the face. I also address the latest embarrassing comments by Green New Deal proponents. Finally, I debunk the media story that “hate crimes” are rising due to President Trump. News Picks:
Conrad Black’s devastating new piece makes the case that we are in the midst of the biggest constitutional crisis since the Civil War.
Clueless Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez brags about spending more of your tax money on her office expenses.
This one question turns socialists into capitalists. 
The top 5 arguments against climate change alarmism.
Are “hate crimes” really on the rise?
Some Democrats are increasingly worried about the radical shift in their party. 
You are making a big difference. The unnecessarily political Academy Awards program is struggling to maintain its audience.
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Why Can’t the Anti-Trumpers Get Their Stories Straight? (Ep 922)

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In this episode I address the constantly changing stories by the anti-Trump schemers and why they all vindicate President Trump. I also address the hypocritical campaign of Bernie Sanders, who remains a one-percenter. Finally, I address a massive error by the CBO that should be headline news. News Picks:Bernie Sanders is a total fraud. He lives like the 1% he decries.


Lunatic liberals demand that a pro-police flag be taken down in Connecticut.


The CBO really blew it on Obamacare. Why should we trust them?


Why can’t Andrew McCabe keep his story straight? 


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Justice is Dead (Ep 921)

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In this episode I address the stunning new revelations by an FBI lawyer about the efforts to cover up this Obama/Clinton scandal. I also discuss the efforts by Andrew McCabe to fabricate an obstruction case against President Trump. Finally, I address bizarre comments by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez about Amazon. 
News Picks:
Was there another dirty dossier used to attack the Trump team?
Why can’t Andrew McCabe keep his story straight?
Andrew McCabe continues to conjure up reasons for his witch-hunt investigations.
This key player in the FBI believed Hillary Clinton should have been charged with a crime.
Mike Pompeo shuts the door on the ISIS bride.
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Ep. 920 Was There Another Dossier?

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In this episode I address the bombshell revelation that there may have been a third dossier compiled on the Trump team. I also address the media’s latest lies designed to cover up the absurd claims of Andrew McCabe. Finally, I discuss a debate I had with a socialist last night on Fox, where he admits it doesn’t work. News Picks:
John Solomon’s bombshell piece about a third dossier is the most important thing you’ll read today.
Chuck Ross’s latest piece shows that Andrew McCabe has nothing on Trump.
What is Bob Mueller up to? Few people seem to know. 
The Trump team issues an epic response to Bernie Sanders’ presidential announcement. 
McCabe still cannot explain why the FBI was investigating the Trump team. 
Socialists are attempting to use teachers to turn purple states blue.
This May, 2017 NY Times piece addresses the congressional briefing which the media is portraying as breaking news.
Andrew McCabe’s lies about Jeff Sessions are another blow to his credibility.
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Ep. 919 The Coup and the Coverup

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In this episode I address the coup attempt against Trump and the McCabe/Rosenstein plot to remove him from office. I also address the media’s complete facepalm on an immigration “fact-check.” News Picks:
Finally: Rod Rosenstein to leave the DOJ next month. 
This Jeff Carlson piece shows conclusive evidence that Andrew McCabe is a liar.
One of the finest pieces you’ll read about the coup attempt on the Trump administration.
Jussie Smollett may have chosen the wrong surveillance camera to capture the “attack.”
CBS reporter unloads on the biased mainstream media in an incredible interview.
Yes, the border wall in El Paso worked. 
The NY Times goes big on the “Republicans Pounce” routine. 
Insane liberal protestors deface the pictures of fallen Border Patrol agents.
The media is following the same script against the MAGA movement that it used on the Tea Party.
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Ep. 918 The Coup Attempt Against Donald Trump

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In this episode I address the attempted coup against Donald Trump, which was described in a 60 Minutes interview with Andrew McCabe. I also address the victories in the border wall funding fight and the reasons President Trump won the fight. 
News Picks:
The White House issues a fierce response to discredited former FBI agent Andy McCabe’s 60 Minutes interview. 
Here’s the real reason President Trump won the border funding fight. Timing is everything.
This Lawfare piece addresses the President’s victory in the border wall fight.
This piece addresses the positives in the border bill.
President Trump was right, the border wall did work in El Paso.
Five reasons President Trump has already won on the border fight.
Were two Cabinet officials plotting against President Trump?
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