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31 grudnia, 2018 Wyłączono

Ep. 883 Do Something!

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In this episode I address the immigration crisis and the Democrats’ continued use of absurd talking points. I also address the failure of the GOP congressional committees to address the DOJ and FBI malfeasance. Finally, I address the liberal assault on law and order in our big cities. News Picks:
The House GOP ended the probe into FBI and DOJ bias against Trump. 
This American hero would still be alive today if we had better border security.
Are we closing in on a trade deal with China?
What’s behind this mystery case in the Mueller probe that is working its way through the courts?
Is this Obamacare regulation killing people?
Did you catch the radical Left’s latest effort to stop you from purchasing a firearm?
This Women’s March was canceled because the participants were “overwhelmingly white.”
Our national spending is entirely out of control. 
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Ep. 882 Don’t Fall for the Latest Anti-Trump “Bombshell”

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In this episode I debunk the latest media “bombshell” on the collusion hoax. I also address the latest tragedy in the illegal immigration crisis and the status of the government shutdown. Finally, I address President Trump’s most important accomplishment. 
News Picks:
The Democrats don’t want to open the government up.
The repeatedly debunked Michael Cohen/Prague story has resurfaced again. 
More reasons to doubt the new Michael Cohen reporting.
A left-wing billionaire assisted in an online disinformation campaign meant to influence an election. But you won’t hear much about it in the liberal media outlets. 
Poll says Republicans overwhelmingly support President Trump in the shutdown.
The remaking of the federal courts is the Trump administration’s greatest success.
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Ep. 881 A Presidential Surprise

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In this episode I address the surprise presidential trip to Iraq and the hysterical media response to it. I also discuss three troubling oddities in the Gen. Michael Flynn interview with the FBI. Finally, I address the national debt crisis and the government shutdown endgame. News Picks:
President Trump makes a surprise visit to the troops in Iraq.
The Mueller probe is a scam designed to keep the heat on President Trump.
Three oddities in the FBI’s handling of the Gen. Michael Flynn interview.
Rudy Giuliani asks for an investigation of Bob Mueller.
Disturbing video of suspected drug cartel hit men ambushing local police officers.
Are we reaching a breaking point with our national debt?
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Ep. 880 Did You Miss the Latest NeverTrump Attack?

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In this episode I address the NeverTrump crowd’s newest attacks on Trump’s “character.” I address why this is a grossly misguided analysis of the Trump presidency thus far. 
News Picks:
President Trump stands strong on the border wall.
The Democrats are preparing to blow up the government budget and to rapidly expand spending.
Are the Russians and Chinese listening in on your phone calls?
Texas leads the country, again, in population growth.
Former ICE director slams Nancy Pelosi for her absurd comments on the border wall. 
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Ep. 879 What Happened to the Market Yesterday

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In this episode I address the stock market dive and the top fake news stories of 2018.News Picks:Here are the top fake news stories for 2018.

President Trump has a shutdown message.

Why is Bob Corker going after the president, again?

The Democrats are all in on radical leftism for 2019.

An alternative view on interest rates.

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Ep. 878 Do Not Cave In

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In this episode I address the partial government shutdown and why President Trump must win this fight. I also address the Syrian drawdown and the lack of substantive action by the Department of Justice against the Clinton cabal. News Picks:
Support for the border wall is peaking; Trump is right.
Will the Democrats ever see justice? What is John Huber doing?
The FBI is fighting transparency again.
Here are the Democrats, in their own words, supporting border enforcement, before they changed their minds.
Here is the definitive list of 2018 fake news stories.
President Trump names Patrick Shanahan acting Secretary of Defense. 
Middle-class residents are moving out of New York City in droves.
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Ep. 877 This Is a Fight We Can Win

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In this episode I address the border wall funding fight and President Trump’s refusal to cave in to Democrats’ demands. I also address a brewing scandal surrounding the use of communications by the Obama administration. 
News Picks:
Good! Acting Attorney General Whitaker will not recuse himself from overseeing the Mueller witch hunt. 
Solid move. President Trump will not sign the budget bill without border wall funding.
More fake news. “Journalist” gets busted for fabricating key details.
This Colorado baker is under attack again for his religious beliefs.
Public support for the border wall hits a record high. 
Another epic liberal failure. California, despite its outrageously high taxes, cannot educate its citizens.
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Ep. 876 This is the Make-or-Break Moment

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In this episode I address President Trump’s most important fight: the border wall. This is the make-or-break moment for President Trump. I also address the stunning revelations about prominent Republicans’ roles in the scheme to take down the Trump team. Finally, I address another privacy scandal brewing at Facebook and what it means for you. 
News Picks:
The judge in the Gen. Flynn case strikes again, this time ordering asylum seekers back to the United States.
These prominent Republicans have been outed for their roles in the dissemination of the dirty dossier. 
What did this John McCain associate do to promote the dirty dossier?
You are the product being sold on Facebook. 
One-third of Americans say they would pay for the border wall themselves if Congress doesn’t fund it.
This poll indicates that government is the problem in America.
RINO Jeff Flake cannot stop damaging the Republican Party. 
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Ep. 875 Here’s What Really Happened Yesterday

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In this episode I address the real scandal the FBI is covering up in the Hillary email scandal and the astonishing comments by Jim Comey this week regarding the infamous meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton. I also address what really happened in the Mike Flynn hearing yesterday. Finally, I address the immigration crisis and the only path forward to save the GOP. 
News Picks:
The judge has delayed sentencing in the Mike Flynn persecution. 
Jim Comey doesn’t appear to care who funded the anti-Trump dossier.
Jim Comey’s credibility continues to evaporate. 
This piece describes the disaster that the FBI/Carter Page investigation was. 
Major advertisers are refusing to cave in to another attempted liberal boycott.
This entrepreneurial inventor constructed a device to combat package thieves.