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Ep. 862 Is the Raid on the Clinton Foundation Whistleblower a Headfake?

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Summary:In this episode I address the recent raid on the home of a Clinton Foundation whistleblower and the reasons I think this is another scam. I also address an explosive story regarding potential bias at Google against conservative websites. Finally, I address a Wall Street Journal editorial that destroys the myth that Obama handed Trump a healthy economy.  
News Picks:
My fiery immigration debate last night with Geraldo Rivera.
Is Trump going to declassify documents devastating to the Democrats?
Is Mueller’s team finally acknowledging that the dossier is a hoax?
Is the FBI finally zeroing in on the Clinton Foundation?
Rudy Giuliani blasts the Mueller probe.
Shady Jim Comey is getting desperate.
An excellent Andy McCarthy piece about the collusion hoax.
Was Google manipulating search results to hurt conservative websites?
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Ep. 861 Don’t Believe the Michael Cohen Media Hype

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Summary:In this episode I address the Michael Cohen plea deal. The deal is clearly a desperation move by Bob Mueller’s political witch hunt team. I also discuss the interconnected web of players working to hide the scandal of the century. News Picks:
What is Donald Trump’s former lawyer up to with the Mueller team?
In this viral speech, I succinctly address the scheme to pull off the spying scandal of the century.  
Who is leaking this critical information from the special counsel probe?
This Lee Smith piece from March describes the Mueller witch hunt perfectly.
The Obama administration used pepper spray and tear gas liberally at the border. 
The Trump economy is performing significantly better than the Obama economy. These numbers don’t lie. 
Jeff Flake is a disgrace to the Republican Party. 
Florida Democrats are trying to change gun laws.
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Ep. 860 President Trump Is Holding All the Cards

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Summary:In this episode I address the growing levels of panic among the international players in the scheme to take down the Trump team. I also address the unbelievable costs of illegal immigration and the back-door efforts of the anti-Second Amendment crowd to take away your gun rights. News Picks:
Here’s an interesting piece covering my viral speech about the Spygate debacle.
The deep state panic is real. They’re terrified of declassification and exposure of their schemes.
Illegal aliens cost taxpayers $100 billion annually. 
Make no mistake, the Manafort stories were strategically leaked.
Democrats plot to destroy President Trump’s 2020 re-election chances.
Beto O’Rourke is probably going to run for president. The Obama world loves him.
As I told you in a previous podcast, the Florida anti-Second Amendment crowd is using the midterm election as a means to impact your Second Amendment Rights. 
The high cost of “free” college.
About those middle-class tax cuts.
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Ep. 859 What Are They Hiding ?

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Summary: In this episode I address the scheming going on to protect players connected to WikiLeaks from being exposed by the Trump administration. I also discuss the tactics being used by the backers of the migrant caravan to turn public opinion against the United States. Finally, I address Twitter’s shameful censorship tactics and how to fight back. 
News Picks:
Another strategic leak by the Mueller team about WikiLeaks?
Is the Deep State panicking? Are they about to be exposed? 
Bob Mueller is now claiming that Paul Manafort lied to investigators.
The backlash against Twitter is growing.
Border official states that the caravan pushed women and kids to the front of the groups before attacking agents. 
Four problems with the new “climate change” report.
Is Obamacare about to lose in court?
The caravan is losing the battle of public opinion.
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Ep. 858 The Scandal You’re Not Hearing About

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Summary:In this episode I address the Hillary Clinton team’s role in the scandal surrounding the Trump Tower meeting. I also address the broken immigration system and the complete lack of policy solutions on the Democrat side.  News Picks:
Pick up some Dan Bongino Show merchandise here for 15% off. All of our proceeds go to charity.
No, the Trump tax cuts did not all go to “the rich.”
Twitter is out of control. They banned an Iraq War veteran.
The chaos at the border continues. 
“Free” college is getting really expensive. Here are the numbers.
If the globe is warming, then why have temperatures been cooling?
The GOP is making serious inroads with the Hispanic community in Florida.
This piece by Chuck Ross details the Trump Tower scandal. 
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Ep. 857 Questions We All Need Answers To

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In this episode I address the subpoena issued to Jim Comey and the critical questions he must answer to clear the air. I also address an outrageous New York firearms law proposal that will make your civil rights evaporate. Finally, I address the increasingly troubling Left-leaning lurch of the social media companies. 
News Picks:
Why are the British intelligence services so concerned about the declassification of the Spygate documents?
The Trump administration takes a stand and declares that the migrant caravans will not be allowed to enter the U.S. 
Jim Comey and Loretta Lynch are subpoenaed to testify on Capitol Hill.
An interesting piece about Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the future of the Supreme Court.
Did false accusations of racism blow up in the Democrats’ face in Florida?
New York liberals want you to turn over years of your social media history before you purchase a firearm.
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Ep. 856 Another Headfake

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In this episode I address the real scandal that the media is hiding. I also cover the Trump administration’s rule change that is driving liberals mad. 
News Picks:
This Jeff Carlson piece makes a compelling case regarding the real Russian colluders. 
Rudy Giuliani says Hillary Clinton should be investigated. He’s right.
Are Clinton Foundation whistleblowers about to speak out? 
White House says troops can use lethal force to protect Border Patrol agents. 
The Trump administration reapproves Kentucky’s work requirements for Medicaid. 
The new anti-Trump NYT “bombshell” is complete garbage. 
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Ep. 855 The Real Story About Clinton Corruption

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In this episode I address the deeply disturbing connections in the Clinton Foundation scandal and the Russian influence operation targeted against the Clintons. This may be the most important episode yet. 
News Picks:
President Trump has submitted his answers to Bob Mueller’s team. Is this the end of the witch hunt?
John Solomon’s piece from October of last year describes the troubles ahead for the Clinton Foundation.
Congress schedules a critical hearing about the Clinton Foundation investigation. 
Another fake controversy being spread by The NY Times about Trump and the DOJ.
Liberal groups are fighting commonsense Medicaid reform.
Is Mia Love’s congressional loss evidence of liberal racism?
Nancy Pelosi strikes back.
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Ep. 854 The Democrats Are Inventing Scandals

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In this episode I address the explosive claims being made by Democrats regarding the midterm elections. I also address the fake scandal regarding Ivanka Trump’s email and the federal judge’s ruling on Trump’s asylum order. Finally, I discuss some positive news about the economy. 
News Picks:
An Obama-appointed federal judge has blocked President Trump’s immigration asylum order. 
The Democrats are undermining our democracy by making false claims about election fraud in Georgia. 
Yes, we can economically grow out of our fiscal problems. Here’s the evidence. 
The Democrats, all of a sudden, are concerned about private email use because Ivanka Trump used private email. 
It’s becoming clear that the FBI failed to appropriately vet Chris Steele’s information.
Senior FBI personnel used unsecure devices for sensitive data.
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Ep. 853 I Warned You About This

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Summary:In this episode I address the suspicious re-emergence of Barack Obama’s “fixer” in the scheme to take down Trump. I also address the election troubles in Broward County and how these troubles could impact conservatives in future elections. Finally, I debunk liberal economic myths being picked up by a new generation of liberals. 
News Picks:Another batch of emails could shed light on the missing Spygate details. 
Liberals say they want Scandinavian “socialism.” Here are some eye-opening facts about how it works.
Another new caravan has formed. When will it stop?
Putin’s “niece” keeps mysteriously appearing in press articles on Spygate.
Obama’s “fixer” has a client who keeps showing up in the Mueller probe.
As we predicted, the real election scandal in Florida is down-ballot. 
Are Hill Democrats divorcing Facebook?
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