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Ep. 817 What You Witnessed Yesterday Was a Momentous Shift in American Politics

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In this episode I address the momentous shift we all witnessed yesterday in American politics. I cannot overestimate the importance of some of the key moments in the Kavanaugh/Ford hearing. I also address some interesting new developments in the investigation into FISA abuses at the DOJ. 
News Picks:
This Rich Lowry piece addresses the vindication of Trump’s hardball approach to politics. 
This PJ Media piece addresses some big problems with Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony. 
Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse embarrassed himself yesterday in the Kavanaugh hearing. 
Here are some of the critical moments in yesterday’s Kavanaugh hearing. 
This Daily Caller piece addresses the House Judiciary Committee’s subpoena to the DOJ over the FISA scandal. 
John Solomon’s latest piece addresses the need for speedy declassification of the FISA documents. 
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Kavanaugh Special

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In this special episode I address the Democrats’ disastrous performance at the Kavanaugh hearing.

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Ep. 816 Serious Questions Are Emerging

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Summary: In this episode I address the serious inconsistencies emerging in the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. I also discuss the mysterious disappearance of Joseph Mifsud and some questions about potential state support. Finally I address the role of George Soros in the Spygate scandal. News Picks:
This piece addresses the suspicious behavior of Rod Rosenstein. 
Chuck Ross’ latest piece addresses the extremely suspicious role of George Soros in the Spygate scandal.  
The attacks on Brett Kavanaugh are backfiring badly on the Democrats. The polls are starting to turn. 
This Twitchy piece addresses some serious discrepancies in Dr. Blasey Ford’s statements.
The polygraph test issued to Kavanaugh’s accuser has some serious problems. 
Jeff Carlson’s piece addresses the issues surrounding the declassification order. 
Jeff Carlson’s piece addresses the deep connections of former UK intelligence officials to players in the Spygate scheme.
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Ep. 815 The Big Secret Revealed

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In this episode I address the biggest secret of all — the cover-up of a devastating political spying operation. I also discuss the Democrats’ continued efforts to destroy the life of Brett Kavanaugh. 
News Picks:
Three times Rod Rosenstein betrayed Trump and protected Hillary. 
Did creepy porn lawyer Avenatti get scammed? 
Sara Carter’s new piece addresses a component of a major international spy scandal. 
Chuck Ross’s new piece details more suspicious contacts with George Papadopoulos. 
David Ignatius’ Washington Post piece does a poor job of covering up the suspicious web of connections in the Spygate scandal. 
Do Democrats have more tricks up their sleeves in the Kavanaugh hearing? 
President Trump’s UN speech was terrific. Here are the highlights. 
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Ep. 814 Exposing the Democrats’ Real Strategy on Kavanaugh

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In this episode, I discuss what’s going on behind the scenes in the Kavanaugh confirmation and the Democrats’ plot to tear apart the hearings. I also address the Rod Rosenstein debacle yesterday and the real reason Trump hasn’t fired him yet. 
News Picks:
Not a single special counsel indictment mentions “collusion.”
Dr. Ford will not show up on Thursday for the hearing. I’m sure of it. 
GOP voter enthusiasm is surging. Big-time.
What to watch in the week ahead in the Kavanaugh hearing.  
John Solomon’s piece exposes the faulty intelligence community assessment and the “partisan axes.”
Rod Rosenstein is guided by politics, not justice.
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Ep. 813 It’s Going to Get Really Ugly This Week

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In this episode I address the coming chaos surrounding the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. You’ve never seen anything like what’s coming. I also address President Trump’s stunning comments about foreign intelligence involvement in the Spygate scheme. 
News Picks:
This piece addresses the main targets of Bob Mueller’s witch hunt and the mysterious lack of any “collusion” charges. 
Rosenstein must be fired. Andy McCarthy makes the case. 
Was the whole collusion fairy-tale based on a flawed intelligence assessment?
This Chuck Ross piece dismantles yet another piece of the collusion fairy-tale. 
What is Andrew McCabe’s lawyer up to?
Was Rod Rosenstein really threatening to wear a wire in meetings with the president?
Another questionable accusation about Brett Kavanaugh. 
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MURDERED: Angela Savage

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Sometime after dropping off her young daughter at the school bus, Angela Savage and her 6-month-old son were abducted. Angela’s body would eventually be found on a dirt path near her home, having been assaulted, tied up and left with no shoes. Despite being a small community the case goes cold for almost 30 years until a strange incident connects Angela’s murder to the death of another young girl and police are able to solve the case.

Sources for this episode cannot be listed here due to character limitations. For a full list of sources, please visit https://crimejunkiepodcast.com/murdered-angela-savage/   

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Ep. 812 What Did the Obama White House Know?

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In this episode I address the forgotten connections to the Obama White House in the Spygate scandal. I also address the growing panic among Democrats about the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. Finally, I cover the possibility that the FBI has two sets of books on the Trump case. 
News Picks:
This key Democrat revealed their real strategy regarding Kavanaugh.
The Russian collusion hoax is dead. Bury it. 
The media is already signaling to the Supreme Court what should happen if Kavanaugh is confirmed. 
Jeff Carlson’s new piece address the “insurance policy.” 
Why is this key player in the Spygate scandal refusing to cooperate?
The far-left lurch of the Democrat Party may cause them serious governing problems. 
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Ep.811 The Real Reason FBI Officials Are Worried

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Summary:In this episode I address the real reason the FBI is panicking over the release of its agents’ text messages. I also cover the stunning new undercover videos by Project Veritas, which expose the tactics of the Deep State. Finally, I address out-of-control government spending and the Republicans’ failure to stop it.

News Picks:Debunking media claims about firearms and gun control.

Project Veritas has some astonishing new undercover videos exposing the tactics of the Deep State. 

When are conservatives going to fight back against out-of-control government spending? 

Is Comey dropping a hint about the Mueller probe?

Why is the accuser of Keith Ellison being treated differently?

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Ep. 810 Did You Catch the Stunning Revelation Last Night?

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Summary:In this episode I address the real reason the Democrats are demanding an FBI investigation into Brett Kavanaugh. I also address the stunning revelations last night by George Papadapoulos in a live cable news interview. Finally, I address the failures of single-payer health care and debunk liberal talking points on the issue.

News Picks:The Democrats are demanding the impossible of Brett Kavanaugh.

More denials in the Kavanaugh case.

This IJR piece addresses the failures of government-run health care.

Project Veritas exposes more astonishing deep-state corruption.

Michelle Obama is back on the campaign trail.

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