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Ep. 797 Is There a Secret Plan in the Works?

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Is Bob Mueller hatching a plot to keep the investigation going in case he’s fired? I address this in today’s show. I also cover another liberal boycott campaign that is blowing up in their faces. Finally, I debunk another flawed liberal talking point regarding mass shootings. 
News Picks:
This piece clarifies Trump’s position on Russia versus Obama’s.
This Fox News piece addresses the troubling new revelations about Bruce Ohr and his connections.
This Aaron Klein piece uncovers disturbing new details about the operation to frame Trump. 
Dick’s Sporting Goods is having a really bad week. 
Another liberal talking point on mass shootings debunked. 
President Trump’s new executive order, which could change your plans for retirement. 
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Ep. 796 New Details About the Astonishing Effort to Cover Up This Scandal

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In this episode I address the stunning developments in the New Mexico compound case, along with the real reason the suspects were let out. I also discuss the explosive interview John Solomon gave last night about the Mueller witch hunt. Finally, I discuss the social media mob’s targeting of a Red Sox baseball player and key developments in the Clinton email case. 
News Picks:
This Daily Caller piece addresses the FBI’s defensive statements about the Clinton email server hack. 
This piece in the Hill addresses the FBI’s efforts to fight back against charges it mishandled the Clinton email case. 
Why is George Papadopoulos taking Mueller’s plea deal?
John Solomon’s new piece covers the complete collapse of the Papadopoulos/Mifsud story. 
Margot Cleveland’s piece addresses the April 2017 FISA renewal application and some key information that may have been missing. 
Lee Smith’s latest piece addresses the real reasons that President Trump may be hesitant to declassify critical Spygate documents. 
This Red Sox outfielder is under attack for a ridiculous reason. 
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Ep. 795 Big Takeaways from Yesterday

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In this episode I address the big-government scam, along with big takeaways from yesterday’s elections and the chaos in the Democrat Party. I also address the stunning information revealed in yesterday’s Bruce Ohr hearing on Capitol Hill. 
News Picks:
Lt. General Mike Flynn needs our help. Here’s an easy way to help.
What Bob Mueller is doing to General Flynn is a national disgrace. 
John Solomon’s new piece in The Hill is a stunning account of the real Russian “collusion” scandal. 
Here are a few key takeaways from yesterday’s Ohr hearing on Capitol Hill.
The Republican Party is now the Party of Trump. This piece describes the power of a Trump endorsement. 
Jim Geraghty’s National Review piece lays out five “Blue Wave” narrative busters. 
Free health care for illegal immigrants? 
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Ep. 794 “It Was All a Setup”

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In this episode I address the stunning revelations in the new Sara Carter piece that shows disturbing details of the sophisticated effort to spy on, and take down, the Trump team. I also address the latest revelations about the hacking of the Clinton email server. 
News Picks:
Sara Carter’s latest piece is a stunning account of the details behind the spying operation on the Trump team. 
This Daily Caller piece addresses the troubling revelations about the FBI’s use of media stories.
Clinton-loving Lanny Davis has been discredited as a source. 
This Daily Caller piece covers new information about the hacking of the Clinton email server. 
Is Paul Manafort going to get a pardon? There appears to be disagreement in the White House. 
An interesting article on Federal Reserve policy and the economic boom. 
U.S. stocks jump after the announcement of a new NAFTA deal. 
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Ep. 793 The Democrats’ Anti-Trump Battle Plan Leaks Out

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In this episode I address the Democrats’ leaked battle plan against Trump. I also address some of the keys to fighting back. I discuss the latest liberal head-fake on taxes, along with the question we should all be asking about this Clinton team source. 
News Picks:
Debunking liberal myths about the stock market surge.
The Democrats’ plan to take down Trump has leaked into the media. It’s a disturbing look at what weaponized government looks like. 
This piece lays out the Democrats’ strategy to move the witch hunt against Trump away from Mueller. 
Don Trump Jr. fights back against another fake news story from CNN. 
Democrats have been telling us for years that we should tax the “rich” more. Yet this report shows that this is just another liberal talking point. 
The DNC has stripped its superdelegates of power. This is good news for Republicans. 
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MURDERED: Chandra Levy

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When a political intern goes missing, all eyes turn towards her hometown congressman. But when that lead dries up, and other women are being attacked, who is really to blame?

Sources for this episode cannot be listed here due to character limitations. For a full list of sources, please visit https://crimejunkiepodcast.com/murdered-chandra-levy/   

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Ep. 792 Exposing the Left’s Real Strategy

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In this episode I address the need for the Department of Justice to move quickly on issues surrounding internal corruption. I also discuss the troubling liberal strategy to suppress our rights using pressure campaigns, along with what the strategy to fight back should look like. 
News Picks:
Here’s additional evidence that the Mueller probe is a destructive witch hunt.
This PJ Media piece describes the Left’s new front in the war on our rights. 
Republican sellouts are urging other Republicans to turn on Trump. 
Democrats are not telling you the truth about their impeachment goals. 
China is rattled by the trade fight. 
South Africa’s land-grab proposals will destroy their economy if implemented.
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Ep. 791 The Story is Rapidly Unraveling

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In this episode I address the unbelievable U-turns by Clintonista Lanny Davis in the Cohen case, which destroy the liberal collusion narrative. I also discuss the latest revelations about the Clinton email case that shed new light on the failed investigation. 
News Picks:
Liberal Senator Elizabeth Warren’s latest plan to “save capitalism” will destroy it. 

Chuck Ross reports on the latest interesting revelation about Michael Cohen and the dirty dossier. 
This “Law and Crime” piece delves into the real reason Michael Cohen may have pled to those questionable charges. 
Did the FBI even analyze the Clinton emails? 
Some Republicans doubt the Trump pardon story.
Who was the Russian source Glenn Simpson was referring to?
The welfare state is out of control. 
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Ep. 790 What the Heck Happened Yesterday?

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Summary:In this episode I address the Paul Manafort conviction and the Michael Cohen plea along with the disingenuous media coverage of these two breaking news events. I also address a stunning new detail in the Spygate setup. News Picks:
The Michael Cohen plea deal is a shameful effort to take down Trump. This piece addresses a major flaw in the deal. 
The Cohen plea deal is a scam. This piece addresses the campaign “contribution” angle. 
Is the inspector general properly investigating this angle in the Spygate scheme?
This Chuck Ross piece details yet another suspicious interaction with George Papadopoulos. 
This Byron York piece asks the question “Where’s the collusion?”
Police-stater Chuck Schumer has a warning for President Trump. 
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Ep. 789 Liberalism and Socialism: What’s the Difference?

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In this episode I address the liberals’ growing love affair with socialism. I also cover socialism horror stories from around the globe. Finally, I cover some suspicious communications that Bob Mueller’s team appear to be hiding. 
News Picks:
All roads lead to Hillary when it involves Russian collusion. 
Was the Trump team “reverse targeted”? This latest Jeff Carlson piece addresses this question. 
This Chuck Ross piece addresses yet another suspicious approach to George Papadopoulos. 
The Oleg Deripaska story gets stranger by the day. 
This international diplomat is shamefully trying to blame Trump for violence directed at the media. 
Here’s the complete list of the vicious personal attacks on Donald Trump.
Senator Elizabeth Warren is introducing legislation that would effectively bankrupt America. 
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