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Ep. 622 The Democrats are Doomed in the Long Term

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This piece points out why the Democrats’ identity politics strategy is bound to fail.

This is a great plan to make the Trump tax cuts permanent. 

More fake news from CNN about Trump.

Are we in another housing bubble?

Here are 2017’s worst fake news stories about guns.


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Ep. 621 Government Predictions Gone Horribly Wrong

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Media credibility is collapsing. Here are the hard numbers.

The media’s negative coverage of Trump is getting worse.

Here’s how the tax plan is going to impact the middle class.

It’s unbelievable what some federal employees are making compared to the rest of us.

Trump’s court appointments have been stellar. Here are the numbers.


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Ep. 620 Is Trump Playing the Democrats for Fools?

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Is Donald Trump playing the Democrats for fools?

The exodus from liberal states continues.

A conservative wishlist for 2018.

Trump deserves credit for his war on red tape.

These immigration numbers are incredibly troubling.



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Ep. 619 A Troubling News Story

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Obamacare is a scam. This article describes how they play with the numbers to deceive you.

Another excellent explanation of the phony “Clinton surplus.”

What percentage of the tax load do the top 20% pay? The number may surprise you.

The dreadful Washington Post is in a panic as the credibility of the Mueller probe collapses.

Debunking myths about the investigation into Bill Clinton.

A classic, must-watch Thomas Sowell clip.

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Christmas Cuts

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This piece highlights some great training tips for your workouts.

Is this the strength vitamin?

A great addition to your diet for weight control.

Need to design a new workout? Here are some pointers. 

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Ep. 618 This Will Haunt the Democrats in 2018

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The truth about “trickle down” economics and why democrats love to lie about it.

Did you hear the latest fake news story about Trump?

Ignore the liberal media propaganda — the biggest tax cuts are going to the middle class. Here’s the evidence.

A troubling account of the deep-state war on Trump.

Do the Republicans have an advantage on the government spending fight for next year?


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Ep. 617 The Truth About What Happened Yesterday

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The Democrats want you to believe that this a “tax cut for the rich.” That’s total nonsense, and this piece explains why.

A Democrat in Virginia made a shocking announcement that even conservatives can applaud.

The Clinton surplus is a myth. Read this piece and you’ll never be fooled again. 

Here is an easy-to-read chart showing federal tax revenue by year. Ask your liberal friends to show you where tax cuts “cost the govenment money.”

Watch this liberal NBC host get completely destroyed in a debate on the tax bill.


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Ep. 616 The Most Disturbing Article Ive Read This Year

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This is the most disturbing article I’ve read in a long time about the destructive effects of liberalism on the citizens of inner cities.
Yes, if you are middle class, it is highly likely that you are getting a substantial tax cut. This handy chart should help. 

A great piece about Trump’s response when one of his judicial nominees was scuttled.
Economic optimism is exploding.
The truth about the Obamacare mandate repeal is driving Democrats mad. 

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Ep. 615 Liberals Simply Cannot Tell the Truth

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Here are the final numbers on the tax bill.
Here’s a simple-to-read chart of historical tax revenues to the federal government. Ask your liberal friends to look at the chart and tell you where tax cuts have “cost the government money.”
Why can’t liberals tell the truth about taxes?
More fantastic news about the economy.
CNN is losing its mind.