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19 maja, 2022 Wyłączone

It’s past time to end Title 42

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Immigrants are a bedrock of our country. For years, the US has benefited in immeasurable ways from the energy, the ingenuity and the passion that immigrants bring to our country. We’ve seen these contributions firsthand as immigrants ourselves.

19 maja, 2022 Wyłączone

Past events reveal how future warming could harm cold-water corals

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How will future warming of the planet impact cold-water corals? A new analysis of ancient evidence from the last major global warming event identifies food and oxygen supply as key environmental factors that influence the vitality of cold-water corals in the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.
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Meta will soon let you leave WhatsApp groups silently but your name will be in a list of past participants

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It looks like you will now be able to leave WhatsApp Groups without causing too much of a fuss. You will notify only the group admins when you do so. Meanwhile, if you are a prevailing member, you will have the option to view past participants of the group. All these while WhatsApp is reportedly increasing the group capacity to 512 members from the previous limit of 256 members. WABetaInfo, who spotted these features tells us the Meta-owned platform is still developing them and it could take some time before they are available to the app’s beta users.

WhatsApp Group Changes

WhatsApp Exit Groups Silently

As you can see in the image above, when you choose to leave a group, only you and the group admins will know that you have left the group.

So, only the admins will receive the in-chat notification message that a particular individual has exited the group. 

WhatsApp Groups View Past Participants

Regular group members can still find out if you have left only if they check out the new View Past Participants option below the current group member names in the group settings section.

Both these features are still under development. One other group feature in the works is the increase in the total number of WhatsApp group members to 512. So, if you like being part of bigger communities, that particular feature will be useful for you.

WhatsApp meme | Credits: WABetaInfo

WhatsApp meme | Credits: WABetaInfo​

We will let you know once these features are available for the public on Android, iOS, and Desktop/Web platforms.

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Take-Two Interactive Plans On Releasing 8 'New Iterations’ Of Past Games

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More remasters could be on the way to Switch.

Take-Two Interactive, the holding company responsible for such studios as Rockstar Games, 2K, and Private Division, has announced via its financial report that it plans on releasing 8 'new iterations of previously released titles’ over the course of FY2023 – FY2025. While the terminology itself is slightly vague, Take-Two does go to the trouble of providing a clear definition, stating that this comprises of 'ports and remasters’.

You can read the full report from Take-Two here, which also details a total of 24 planned 'immersive core’ games in its lineup, along with 7 'mid-core’ games, currently consisting solely of the sequel to Tales from the Borderlands.

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Sega Plans To Leverage More Past IP With 'Remasters, Remakes, Reboots’

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Along with planned 'Super Games’.

As part of its financial earnings report, SEGA Sammy Group announced that it will leverage existing and past IP by means of „remasters, remakes, reboots, etc”, aiming to strengthen its core properties by FY2024. The company also makes reference to the so-called ’Super Games’ which, if you cast your mind back, may include IP such as Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio.

Here’s the full quote from SEGA Sammy’s report:

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