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19 maja, 2022 Wyłączone

Donald Trump never learns his lesson

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TV doctor Mehmet Oz finds himself in a nip-and-tuck race with wealthy businessman David McCormick in the fight for the Republican Senate nomination in Pennsylvania.

18 maja, 2022 Wyłączone

Capcom’s new licensing rules are a victory for community advocates, and an important lesson moving forward

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There’s been an update to the ongoing Capcom esports licensing debate, one which seemingly closes the book on the issue with the owners and attendees of community events in a more favourable position than they were this March.

In an official post published on the Capcom USA website, revisions to the original rules have been laid out, alongside an explanation on why these changes have been made and a short series of quick elaborations on certain sticking points that were a source of frustration. All in all, it seems as though the vast majority of major problems have been at the very least lightened up, which in turn provides smaller events like your typically regional monthly tournament or weekly boozy bar gaming session more breathing room.

A selection of major changes were also listed out in the article, which we’ve included below:

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