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24 maja, 2022 Wyłączone

Everything we know about the next HomePod

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Apple’s smart speaker family could expand in the future, with speculation of a new HomePod release on the way. Here’s what Apple is rumored to be preparing to launch.

The HomePod mini (left), the HomePod (right)The HomePod mini (left), the HomePod (right)

Apple’s HomePod lineup consists of just one current model at the moment: the HomePod mini. The original HomePod hasn’t been available to buy since March 2021, leaving Apple customers with the HomePod mini as the only available option.

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24 maja, 2022 Wyłączone

AMD Ryzen 7000: everything we know so far

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The AMD Ryzen 7000 family of CPUs is preparing for launch in 2022, two years after the Ryzen 5000 series. AMD have spent a good chunk of that time on its laptop chips, but back in the realm of desktops, Intel’s 12th Gen Alder Lake chips have leveraged major design improvements to beat the Ryzen 5000 series on performance and features. One suspects it would take a considerable rejigging for these Ryzen 7000 chips to get back into the best gaming CPUs conversation – and so far, that’s exactly what seems to be happening.

Now, AMD haven’t revealed all things Ryzen 7000 yet. There are no confirmed prices, for one, though we know roughly when the first batch of CPUs will release. For now, this is where I’ll be gathering all the reliably verified info on these next-gen components, from supported features and the new motherboard chipsets to those overhauled Ryzen 7000 specs.

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Splatoon 3: Everything We Know

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Nintendo still has a few heavy hitters releasing for Switch in 2022, and one particularly big game on the horizon is Splatoon 3. The sequel to a game also available on Switch–a relative rarity for Nintendo–Splatoon 3 is arriving at the very end of summer, and it looks to build on the bizarre squid kid apocalypse established in the previous two games, all while keeping it family-friendly and colorful. Here’s everything we know about Splatoon 3 so far, including the release date, multiplayer details, and what to expect from the single-player campaign mode.

Release date

Splatoon 3 is scheduled to release on September 9, 2022. Technically this still makes it a summer release for North American audiences, as autumn officially begins a few weeks later. Its release date came as another game originally scheduled for September, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, was pushed forward to July.

Gameplay details

Splatoon 3 was officially announced during the February 2021 Nintendo Direct. Nintendo closed out that presentation by showcasing the game’s reveal trailer, which gave us a look at some major changes for the series. The most obvious is the setting: Splatoon 3 takes place in an arid desert wasteland known as the Splatlands. At the heart of the desert is a new hub city called Splatsville, where players will gather between matches.

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