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Hideo Kojima Reacts To Norman Reedus Announcing Death Stranding 2

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Game director Hideo Kojima has seemingly reacted to actor Norman Reedus’ recent announcement that Death Stranding 2 is now in development, despite Kojima Productions not yet announcing that Death Stranding 2 is now in development. Kojima posted photos of himself with The Walking Dead star, basically telling him to go to his room.

One of the photos Kojima shared was of Reedus on his knees, with Kojima wielding Negan’s barbed-wire bat, pretending to get ready to bash his brains in (we hope!). Kojima is obviously joking here, as he and Reedus are friends and had plans to make a Silent Hill game together before they made Death Stranding.

Reedus said in a Leo Edit magazine interview published on May 17 that work had just begun on Death Stranding 2. „We just started the second one,” he said. The interview went largely unnoticed until May 20, when stories about Death Stranding 2 began to circulate based on his quotes.

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Hideo Kojima responds to Norman Reedus’ claims that Death Stranding 2 is in the works

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In a recent interview with Leo Edit, Norman Reedus seemingly let it all slip when it comes to the mention of Death Stranding and a possible sequel. When asked about his work on the original game, Reedus responded with, „We just started the second one.” Oops.

Norman need not worry, though, as Hideo Kojima has publicly responded to the rumours with a simple tweet.

The tweet consists of a handful of photographs of the pair appearing to celebrate Reedus’ work on series, The Walking Dead, accompanied by the caption „Go to your private room, my friend.” Paired with a cute thumbs up and a heart eyes emoji to boot, there’s no mistaking that the pair clearly have a friendship like no other.

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