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23 maja, 2022 Wyłączone

EA Is Looking To Sell Itself Or Merge With Another Company – Report

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Electronic Arts is reportedly pursuing a sale or merger, and it’s claimed that the video game publisher and developer has held talks with Disney, Apple, Amazon, and Comcast – NBC Universal over a possible deal.

According to news site Puck (via VGC), EA has been „persistent in pursuing a sale” and at one point it looked like Comcast subsidiary NBC Universal would have merged with the gaming company, with Comcast CEO Brian Roberts running the combined entity.

„The general terms of the proposal, which lawyers and bankers for both sides negotiated for several weeks, would have seen the Roberts family take majority control of the combined entity,” the report claims. „In the configuration most seriously discussed, the company would have been run by Wilson.”

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23 maja, 2022 Wyłączone

Yet Another Zombie Defense HD lets you build by day and defend by night, coming to iOS on June 23rd

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Awesome Games Studio has announced the upcoming launch of Yet Another Zombie Defense HD, landing on iOS devices across the globe on June 23rd. The premium survival game tasks players with trying to hold out for as long as they possibly can during the zombie apocalypse as hordes of the undead close in on them to devour their brains.

In Yet Another Zombie Defense HD, players can expect a high-quality port that features online co-op as well as leaderboards and achievements to aim for. The game also received positive feedback when it launched in 2017 on consoles. … [MORE]

19 maja, 2022 Wyłączone

Researchers find another layer to the code of life

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A new examination of the way different tissues read information from genes has discovered that the brain and testes appear to be extraordinarily open to the use of rare codons to produce a given protein. Testes of both fruit flies and humans seem to be enriched in protein products of these rarely-used pieces of genetic code, suggesting another layer of control in the genome.