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Careful with Your Discord Server – It May Not Be as Secure as You Think

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Origin Protocol’s co-founder Josh Fraser pointed out some of the popular platform’s vulnerabilities Ever since its founding in 2015 as a tool for connecting and communicating with other gamers, Discord has very quickly established itself as the de facto community communications platform of choice for blockchain- and crypto-based projects and businesses of every conceivable type. From exclusive, invite-only Discord servers for NFT collections to airdrop and insider news communities, countless blockchain, NFT, crypto, DeFi, and Web3 projects use Discord as their go-to community engagement and marketing platform. Unfortunately, many server security issues, hacks, compromised accounts, and other privacy problems on Discord have plagued the platform. Josh Fraser, a co-founder of Origin Protocol, recently highlighted many of these issues in a Twitter thread that he posted to educate the general public about the potential hazards of using Discord. To begin, Fraser says that unauthorized third parties can gather many insights into the internal workings of different projects on Discord because the Discord API leaks the name, description, members list, and activity data for every private channel on every server. Since many crypto projects use private channels on Discord for many different needs, such as collaborating on as yet announced partnerships, product launches, exchange listings, and more, it is incorrect for anyone to assume that these channels are truly as private as their users assume. To illustrate his point, Fraser explains how private servers for Binance staff, an OpenSea server for Solana launch partners, and a Compound Finance channel for Coinbase, were all found to not be private despite Discord signaling via a lock icon that they were. What are some of the dangers of these issues? For starters, Discord’s security breaches range from leaking private server information, private user data (which can be used for doxing), and activity data (which can indicate an upcoming listing or release), to crypto projects using their multisig wallet addresses as the description for their private channels, which can potentially flag otherwise unremarkable data to malicious eavesdroppers. These are in addition to Discord effectively compromising the trust of the public (and its users) by not securing data on servers that should be private. While these issues were brought by Fraser to the Discord team, it does not seem likely that they will be addressed anytime soon. It is in the best interest of the public to be aware of these potential security issues and to take whatever action they deem appropriate to protect their privacy and data.
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Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Review – Lots Of Chores, Little Reward

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Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC

505 Games

Natsume Atari

May 10, 2022

Everyone 10+

Summed up, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is a simple and straightforward action/RPG. It’s easy to get lost in its tranquil cycle of collecting stamps via fetch quests and combat. However, Rising doesn’t have much substance. The whole experience is bland and commits various RPG transgressions, which is disappointing. Especially as it’s a prequel introducing the Eiyuden world ahead of Eiyuden Chronicle: A Hundred Heroes – a spiritual successor to the Suikoden series. If this is a sign of what’s to come, I’m concerned.

Rising’s protagonist, CJ, is a young adventurer who wants to make a name for herself as a treasure hunter. She sets up in a town that attracts adventurers far and wide for its valuable nearby resources; think of the Gold Rush. During her trek, she teams up with a grumpy and feisty kangaroo appropriately named Garoo and a sharp and elegant magic user named Isha. The main story primarily serves to get you moving to your next destination, serving up a few revelations about why mysterious, dangerous threats have appeared. Overall, the narrative is very predictable and generic.  

With a dry story, the lack of bonding moments between the characters disappointed me. A few charming interactions play out in CJ and Garoo’s banter, and I took great delight in the appearance of a magical girl named Mallore, which is a clear homage to Sailor Moon. Still, there’s not much depth to these personalities, and they feel more like character outlines than fully developed individuals. Sadly, this makes it hard to feel any connection to them.

A huge aspect of Rising is its town-building feature, which lets you help various villagers set up their shops to attract people to the settlement, making it more prosperous. You’re constantly leveling up various stores, such as a tavern, inn, apothecary, weapons shop, and more. At first glance, the town-building seems like a fun additional wrinkle, but its tedious fetch quests make it one of the game’s biggest letdowns. You trek to the same areas and then back again to the quest giver, who usually asks you to obtain a certain amount of a resource or locate a person for them.

The town-building quickly turns into a long list of chores. On the one hand, they aren’t all that difficult to complete. On the other hand, they’re mindless and don’t offer much satisfaction for the effort. The shops get some new stock, and the town gets a little more crowded, but it’s such a hollow sense of progression. Every effort earns you stamps, which showcase your town completion level. After doing a chunk of these, I lost interest in prioritizing the side content, but then realized I was under-leveled if I didn’t engage with it since the quests offer a great deal of experience. This is frustrating, as you’re forced into boring pursuits with no substance and very little in the way of storytelling. A side quest should feel optional, not required.


Dungeons are broken up into short romps, which I liked because they didn’t feel bloated and lent themselves well to short play sessions. That was until I had to keep backtracking to the same dungeons, fighting the same minibosses repeatedly. The game is linear overall, which isn’t an issue if the exploration is interesting. That’s not really the case here; dungeons have very minimal hidden paths, and their main appeal is picking up rare items that you can use in crafting, equipment upgrades, and cooking. Their overall design is also very basic, tied to different elements (e.g., ice, earth, fire). At the very least, the final bosses of each dungeon are visually appealing and provide a decent challenge. One of my favorites was the furry ice twins, who could turn the floor to pure ice, forcing you to stay in the air with double jumps and combos until it lifted.

The action combat is another area of the game that is just adequate. Your party members and their attacks are tied to different face buttons on the controller, and if you swap to another character at just the right time in the middle of an attack, you can chain powerful combos. As you level up, you unlock newer abilities, such as different jumping attacks like air and quick steps, alongside upward and downward attacks. Unfortunately, I never felt a growing sense of power or satisfaction from these; the link combos were more fulfilling and deadly. Still, everything controlled well, and I didn’t run into any glitches or serious technical issues during my time with the game on Switch.

The 2.5D art style deserves its own praise. Rising is a vibrant and inviting adventure, with beautiful hand-drawn visuals that add a nice personal touch. The graphics have this retro vibe reminiscent of Suikoden, while still modernizing just enough to feel like an exciting visual upgrade. The character portraits are detailed and alluring, and the little details in the landscapes pop, such as grass swaying in the wind or blistering snow falling.

Rising was created to reward fans for reaching a Kickstarter stretch goal, but it’s not just an add-on, it is a complete game, running around 20 hours. Natsume Atari took point as developer, with input from Rabbit & Bear Studios, the masterminds behind Hundred Heroes. Unfortunately, the experience falls short as every element of it is just passable or run-of-the-mill. However, its art style is a bright spot, making me hopeful for the main game that is still to come.

Pretty visuals can only get you far, however, and Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising doesn’t offer enough entertaining or unique content to keep it from being anything more than a passable RPG. At the very least, it introduces the Eiyuden world and some characters involved in Hundred Heroes, but that’s very little incentive for putting up with tedious gameplay and boilerplate characters.


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Crop Master Strategy Guide – Merge With Confidence With These Hints and Tips

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Crop Master is a merge-stuff puzzler that sees you blending together different fruits and vegetables to create new varieties. There’s a simple rhythm to the play, and it’s easy to pick up and play. But if you want to really get to grips with the game and start making the biggest matches, you might need […]

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Crypto Analyst Predicts 1 Altcoin Will Fall Down Hard – Is It Cardano?

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Pseudonymous crypto trader and analyst Capo tweets that Cardano (ADA) is bound to go on a massive downward trend. This popular crypto trader with over 307,500 followers on Twitter predicted a massive plunge before the coin finishes its five-waved downward trajectory following the Elliott Wave Theory. The Elliott Wave Theory pertains to a technical analysis that can predict price action by looking into mind psychology or crowd behavior that can be seen in waves. Based on the theory, the crypto asset would always go through a predictive five-wave cycle before it makes that pivot or reversal. Suggested Reading | NFT Prices Take A Beating After Crypto Market Chaos    Before the coin completes its five-wave downward course, Capo anticipates a catastrophic crash (Coingape). Capo Predictions On ADA, BTC, Terra, STEPN According to Capo, ADA is on its way to completing the fourth wave which means it’s ready for that final wave. Cardano is currently trading at $0.55 which is categorically 45% above the target price point of $0.30. Cryptocurrencies recovered quite a bit on Friday but crashed today which appeared to be a roller-coaster ride of sorts. The erratic market moves have been worrisome for many crypto traders and investors alike. Bitcoin (BTC) has fallen by 3.6% and Cardano (ADA) went down by 6.65%. Suggested Reading | LUNA Not Alone In Crimson: APE, AVAX, SOL, SHIB All Lose 20% In Crypto Crash With the Federal Reserve pulling a tight rein on monetary policy, there isn’t a hint of a bullish trend. With the way things are going, many traders are looking for safer crypto assets compared to riskier ones. Meanwhile, Capo is also keeping a steady eye on STEPN, a move-to-earn app built on the Solana blockchain. Capo says that he is looking at a significantly low trading value of $0.60. Looks like GMT is heading down the basement, as he describes. GMT is currently trading at $1.52. ADA total market cap at $18.42 billion on the weekend chart | Source: TradingView.com Bitcoin Still Better Than Cardano? Outlook for Bitcoin looks good as it continues to correct after going over the key support locked in at $30,000. The $30,000 support supposedly jarred it. A two-day candle has closed right below it and currently tapping that zone as support. At this point, this spot is still not good for buying. Adding salt to the wound is the miserable turnout in the market value of TerraUSD that is pegged to USD. It’s now priced at $0.18 this week. Meanwhile, TerraUSD is mapping out a recovery plan this week. Overall, Cardano is more volatile compared to Bitcoin although it appeals greatly to the broader market, in general. Bitcoin has more promise to be bullish for the long term compared to other coins, including ADA. Featured image from Forkast News, chart from TradingView.com