Udyr rework revealed in full, as League of Legends’ beloved shaman gets a visual and kit upgrade

9 sierpnia, 2022 Wyłączono przez admin

As many League of Legends fans will already know, Udyr is getting a massive rework to both his visuals and his in-game abilities. A beloved character in the hearts of the community, including early adopters of the super-popular MOBA and competitive players alike, this massive undertaking came at the request of a community poll earlier in the year.As such, we’ve broken down every change coming to Udyr with insights from the development team responsible sprinkled throughout. With hopes of preserving his original style, modernising his look, and converging his lore to recent events, has the team reformed Udyr for the better? Let’s find out!The new Udyr is a Juggernaut, intended primarily for jungle, but top is an alternative kept in mind with this rework. While he has a collection of revamped abilities to use in game, he’ll still be charging headfirst into fights and switching stances to apply different effects. In this way, he’ll feel very familiar to pre-existing Udyr players on live servers right now. Read more