Ben Affleck Reflects On The Last Duel’s Box Office Flop

12 stycznia, 2022 Wyłączone przez admin

Despite its star-studded cast and big-name director, Ridley Scott’s period drama The Last Duel did not perform well at the box office, making just $30 million worldwide. Ben Affleck, who appeared in the movie, has now reflected on the film’s box office struggles, saying it reflects where the movie business is at today.Affleck said in an interview with Matt Damon for Entertainment Weekly that The Last Duel struggling at the box office but succeeding on video-on-demand and particularly iTunes–where it was No. 1 on the charts–demonstrates how much the theatrical movie business has changed.He said his Oscar-winning movie Argo likely would not be a theatrical release today–instead, it would probably be a limited series, Affleck said. Films that will continue to succeed in theaters will be the „event-sized” movies from the likes of Marvel, as well as known IP, sequels, and animated films, he said.Continue Reading at GameSpot