CoinStats Giveaway Winners Announcement

11 stycznia, 2022 Wyłączone przez admin

Congratulations to all the winners that snatched their share from our holiday giveaway prize pool!

We want to thank everybody who participated in the CoinStats Holiday giveaway. We were super excited to see such a high interest in the giveaway from the community, and it motivated us to work harder, come up with new giveaways, and eventually make this an always-on thing on our social media.

This time around, we got around 10K participants which brought the prize pool to $10,000. According to the giveaway rules, 10 of the 110 winners will receive 5% of the prize pool, and 100 winners will receive 0.5% of the prize pool each. Upon email confirmation, the prizes will be transferred to the winners within 7 business days.

1. First 10 Winners  (5% of the prize pool, $500 in ETH/each)

sps**raa**orouzi26Rev**imsonman**tau122dro**martial@gmail.comarn**snipermmi**szur**chavariani.zmrev**.lashalkh**ovichev2. 100 Winners (0.5% of the prize pool, $50 in ETH/each)t09**1ood**kar**akannanabs**a110you**fhajjigimoo**y73fle**garnold224may**arcraft55ale**o7788bri**atoliybre**utsecuritiessal**.psms@gmail.comzel**nanseyken**.ico.robertsc.j**usjanmod**calciocdw**adessha**nn76imc**pireJoh**dil**84mer**eairtonTEN**8888a_b**ks24MJ**gus**41mar**nec15gab**l.anbtcVla**_19mih**ortanmoo**amOso**wsnep**kjohannesjbk**soami**himlo.traderdim**azhan5nik**.konopelebot**lomokokalit**kri**ian.zagonyiste**ertjoz**.jr.nagyluk**itednft**e15mav**11111Max**n1983tun**gungia**spap1eva**mjgra**rino258ido**mmanuel1558m.f**cryptokie**abd**a19rspi**ermuh**lexlingom**atalia.ckas**andrewsim**.amato12erw**oudebe**oin031sht**noydan**.n96@gmail.comcro**n.justinvdr**zzvla**eeze70mon**matuszek91975**isa**102**49802205414nat**8mee**rba**eemax**triv08sja**hmed450cry**gr4mdjc**erip**oolham**177**1895912283dkg**gamingoma**480aay**www01bjr**281vrl**bolucri**7ionutjoh**1.0**E+1678P**ham**bejanyardud**grihak**ilsinsha**.shakeri12jos**0296Nan**alaHus**nGezicimeh**onytez**fkyl**agliolog**winnlogashwinn

During the live selection process, the Google Sheets formula allowed one duplicate (the username mih**ortan got selected twice for the 40th and 41st positions), and one user got selected twice. We again used randomization to select and replace the duplicated user with the new winner.

Once again, congratulations to all our winners and all the community members who participated in the giveaway! Don’t forget to join our Discord channel to be aware of the upcoming giveaways. 

Wishing you luck, prosperity, and abundance in 2022.