The best games you missed in 2021: Unsighted

3 stycznia, 2022 Wyłączone przez admin

The first rule of video game club (apart from not talking about video game club) usually involves saving the world somehow. We do our best to rescue others from harm, to avert world-ending disasters, and give everyone around us the happy ending they deserve. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned about myself in 2021, it’s that I’m a cruel, heartless robot who will happily toss others under the bus if they don’t provide any material benefit to me. Or at least I am when I’m playing Unsighted, the gorgeous and criminally underrated action RPG from Studio Pixel Punk that puts a ticking time-bomb inside each of its characters’ metallic chests which, if left unchecked, will remove them from the game entirely, preventing you from gaining some potentially very handy upgrades to help you in your quest to fight back against your human oppressors.
It’s an ingenious system, as you’re not only fighting against the hordes of enemies that appear onscreen, but your own ineptitude.
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