A Special Holiday Offer From Simplify Magazine

16 grudnia, 2021 Wyłączone przez admin

Although I don’t talk much about it here on Becoming Minimalist, I created a digital magazine back in 2017 called Simplify Magazine.

Simplify is a quarterly, digital publication designed to help families and individuals focus on the things that matter most.

Over the last four years, I’ve published 19 issues of the magazine for more than 250,000 readers.

Each issue of the magazine focuses on one important topic. I recruit leading experts from around the world to contribute in-depth articles covering each subject from a variety of angles.

I see it as an opportunity to use the relationships I’ve developed to bring different writers together in one place.

Simplify has no advertisements in the magazine. It is entirely reader-focused—designed to be an intentionally simple, enjoyable reading experience.

The content covers a wide-range of topics, not just minimalism. Here’s a sample of the different issues we’ve published: Happiness, Health, Stress, Technology, Relationships, Food/Diet, Self-Care, Decluttering, Communication, Organization, + nine others!

One reason for the growth of Simplify Magazine is that, unlike every other magazine in the world, I don’t charge an annual subscription. Every subscriber has lifetime access to the magazine for just $20 (USD).

That’s full access to all past, present, and future issues of the digital magazine for just a one-time fee. It’s pretty unique and I don’t know anyone else who offers a magazine like this.

I invite you to read Why Make Time for Creativity? — an inspiring piece written for the latest issue of Simplify Magazine by Jenny Doan, the face of Missouri Star Quilt Company and “the most famous quilter in the world.”


If you believe the magazine articles would be helpful to you, to celebrate the holiday season, I am offering a Buy One, Gift One Lifetime Subscription to new subscribers during the month of December.

If you subscribe to Simplify Magazine before December 31, you will receive your lifetime subscription for only $20 (USD) + one free subscription to share with a friend or family member. 

It’s my special way of reminding you that you are not alone on this journey and that not every Christmas gift has to result in clutter.

Subscribers receive access to all future issues and immediate access to all 19 past issues of the magazine.

Check out Simplify Magazine here.