Winter Crypto Fest

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Bring Your Virtual Boxing Gloves and Get Keen to Roll Crypto!One of the nicest parts of Christmas is spending quality time with your loved ones. What more could you ask for if you are getting an opportunity to make wealth while enjoying the cozy winters and Christmas. Make memories and engage in some friendly competition with these all-inclusive Christmas activities.Winter Crypto FestBuyUcoin’s popular Crypto Fest is back for its third edition on December 17, 2021, and will be hosted online once again with a series of events, talks, and more. The event will be a jubilant gathering of 100K+ attendees, bringing together entrepreneurs, traders, investors, developers, and industry aficionados, among others, for an action-packed day of fascinating keynotes, events, social festivities, competitions, and entertainment.Why Should You Attend?Participants in the Winter Crypto Fest will receive gift baskets as well as critical insight into:Market volatility mitigationCreating methods for the successful investment of the cryptocurrencyExclusive Webinar with FlipItNews, AcknoLedger, and FanAnywhere.Investigating how cryptocurrencies can promote financial inclusion and increase engagement in the financial ecosystem.Airdrops and giveawayWhat to expect?Giveaways & Prizes: Our sponsors and partners will present spectacular freebies and chances to win exciting prizes to our attendees up to INR 1 Million!Crypto Airdrops: Every new subscription to Systematic Crypto Investment Plan will make you eligible to earn 0.2 % bonus interest in your initial subscription. The SCIP way ensures that volatility is managed effectively via Dollar Averaging, and you enjoy maximum profits on your investment.Networking: Connect with the most knowledgeable and forward-thinking people in the industry, trading, mining, Defi, NFT, regulation, and other fields.Festivities: Charming Winter! Participants from all over India are cordially invited to Winter Crypto Fest. Receive prizes, participate in competitions and get your groove on while having fun with other attendees.Events in Winter Crypto FestInvestment CarnivalA Systematized Investment in Crypto Assets via SIP shields you from market volatility. You become more disciplined in your investment and no longer have to worry about market timing.During the Winter Crypto Fest, every new subscription on SIP on BuyUcoin will make you eligible to earn 0.2% Bonus Interest in your initial SCIP investment.Participation Rules and Eligibility Criteria:Login or Signup at BuyUcoin as Rewards will be distributed to registered BuyUcoin users only.Follow or subscribe to BuyUcoin Channels as well as Partners (AcknoLedger and FanAnywhere) Social Media Channels where they appear.Watch the Video and Participate in Quiz.Answer Questions from the video with BuyUcoin Registered Email ID to Win up to $15.Crypto Bake-OffThe Christmas narrative and ancestry show that cake has its origins in a deep-rooted tradition, and the cake that is baked nowadays was once plum porridge. The tradition of eating it on Christmas developed to satisfy one’s appetite after fasting for a day. Twelfth Cakes(which were eaten at the parties on Twelfth Night ending the 12 Days of Christmas on January 5) were the origins of the Christmas cake we know today.Celebrating the spirit of Christmas, BuyUcoin is organizing a “Crypto Bake-off” cake decoration competition. Upload a picture of your crypto cake decoration on social media, tagging BuyUcoin and using the hashtag #cryptobakeoff #wintercryptofest #buyucoin. The winning entry will get gift hampers worth up to ₹ 50,000.Work From HomeEarn at your leisure as every click counts; it’s a win-win situation! Refer your friends, family, and colleagues to visit our blog and get rewarded for every click. Ask your friends and family to read our two pages and get rewarded for the clicks. We are giving ₹0.05 per/click and ₹10 per app install during the offer period. Rules are simple:Visit our Winter Crypto Fest page.Fill in your name, email, website, or social media account link and generate your referral link.Share the referral link with your loved ones.You will get ₹0.05/Clicks, and ₹10 per app install.The minimum payout is ₹ 1000. And in case your reward is less than INR 1000, you will get an equal amount of cryptocurrency worth your referral.Crypto ScribbleCan your story make it? What the people require now is content that is simple to understand. This is your chance to make one. At BuyUcoin, we are continually striving to improve the experiences of our readers. As the next step in this process, we will have a Content Writing Competition in which anyone can participate by submitting their own cryptocurrency articles on our contest page. The article should be of 700 words. The winning article will receive a prize of up to ₹ 20,000 and the opportunity to be featured in our blog.50 Shades of XMASWinter Crypto Fest is for all. Just upload your video singing Christmas carol, enjoying festivities, and celebrating the joyous festival on social media and tag BuyUcoin along with hashtag #buyucoin #50shadesofxmas #wintercryptofest. The post with the highest number of engagement and likes will get a chance to win gift hampers worth thousands.ConclusionWhatever cryptocurrency you have in mind, no matter how tiny or large the quantity in your hand, if you believe in crypto and want to expand your portfolio, the fantastic forthcoming BuyUcoin Winter Crypto Fest is for you. Participate with BuyUcoin this winter season to win packages worth hundreds of thousands. Each event brings a new reward.Indian Winter Crypto-Fest 2021 | BuyUcoinWinter Crypto Fest was originally published in BuyUcoin Talks on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.