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When Will This Farce End? (Ep 1171)

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In this episode, I address the dramatic late night developments in the sham impeachment trial. I also address the latest troubling comments by lying Jim Comey. Finally, I discuss this little reported fact about Joe Biden that may explain the Ukraine scandal. News Picks:GOP Senator Susan Collins folds under pressure on the question of witnesses. 


Hilarious! The Democrats claimed yesterday that foreign interference in our elections is okay as long as the Democrats pay for it. 


Adam Schiff shamefully ducks a question about his efforts to coordinate the impeachment smear. 


The fired Ukrainian prosecutor says Joe Biden abused his power in complaint. Democrats ignore. 


Joe Biden’s daughter seems to be doing really well too. Check out where some of her money comes from.


Revealed! Here’s Rand Paul’s question which was blocked by Chief Justice Roberts. 


Our national debt is a growing, and unavoidable, menace.


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The Mystery Man

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In this Dateline classic, a woman looking for love finds Mr. Right – but he soon pulls her into a dark world of undercover espionage where nothing is as it seems. Dennis Murphy reports. Originally aired on NBC on January 25, 2015.

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It’s the Same People! (Ep 1170)

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In this episode, I address the troubling revelation yesterday tying John Bolton to this key player in the Spygate scandal. I also address the legal bombshell dropped by Lt. General Mike Flynn’s lawyer. Finally, I address the latest impeachment news and updates. 

News Picks:John Bolton sold us out. 


Chief Justice Roberts doesn’t rule the Senate. 


Lt. General Mike Flynn pulls his plea!


This 2016 article addresses the shady relationship between this Ukrainian and the Clintons.


Shock poll shows President Trump has doubled his support among Black voters.


New Jersey National Guard heroes are rewarded for bravery in Somalia.


Another liberal hoax debunked. This time in Virginia. 



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Stunning Connections Exposed in the Schemes to Take Down Trump (Ep 1169)

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In this episode, I address the stunning connections between the players behind the Ukraine/impeachment hoax, and past anti-Trump hoaxes. One of the connections is to a known, liberal mega-donor. I also address the real motives of the Democrats calling for witnesses. News Picks:

The IG report proves the spying on the Trump campaign was extensive.

Interesting piece which connects some dots between the players in the Ukraine/impeachment hoax. 

This May, 2019 article highlights some devastating connections between George Soros funded groups and the Ukraine players.

Is the impeachment hoax really a scam to block the nomination of a potential Supreme Court Justice?

President Trump proposed a major Middle East peace deal as the media frothed over impeachment.

Defusing the mass hysteria over the Bolton leak. 

The RNC released a devastating new ad highlighting CNN’s nonsense.

Trillion dollars deficits will continue into the future. 

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After the Party

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In this Dateline classic, hours after saying goodbye to her guests at her New Years Eve Party, Ashley Fallis is dead. Years later it would be up to a jury to decide whether it was suicide or murder. Keith Morrison reports. Originally aired on NBC on May 22, 2016.

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Adam Schiff Is Hiding Something Big (Ep 1168)

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In this episode, I address why Adam Schiff is hiding this devastating piece of information in the impeachment sham. It will open your eyes to the Democrats’ plot. I also discuss the collapse of the Democrats’ impeachment case yesterday as the Trump team fought back. Finally, I address a troubling CNN video attacking Trump supporters. News Picks:

Why is Adam Schiff hiding this critical impeachment testimony?

This October 2019 article describes the shady connections between Adam Schiff and colleagues of the fake whistleblower.

Congressman Mark Meadows has an interesting theory on the Bolton book. 

Huge lines at the New Jersey MAGA rally!

NYPD Commissioner blames liberal bail reform policies for the spike in crime. 

Newspaper with a history of endorsing losing candidates, endorses Elizabeth Warren. 

Justice Neil Gorsuch savages activist judges in this article. 


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In this Dateline classic, something seems off when rising star attorney Melissa Lewis doesn’t show up for work one day. What friends and family find sets off major alarms and the beginning of a bizarre mystery. Dennis Murphy reports. Originally aired on NBC on March 3, 2017.

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Another Media Hoax Drops (Ep 1167)

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In this episode, I address the fake news NY Times “scoop” about John Bolton and the hoax Ukraine charges central to the impeachment. I also address the worst explanation of an “assault rifle” I’ve seen. Finally, I discuss the Democrats’ devastating plan for the economy should they win in 2020. 

News Picks:Video of my heated debate this morning on Fox and Friends.


Democrats are doubling down on their demands for testimony from John Bolton.


Nobody cares about this impeachment hoax. Look at the numbers.


Why is Adam Schiff hiding this critical testimony in the fake whistleblower case?


Democrats should be terrified. The economy is on fire and voters credit Trump.


NBA legend Kobe Bryant, and his 13 year-old daughter perished in a helicopter crash on Sunday. 


Even the Obama teams thinks Bernie Sanders is unfit for the presidency.


The big takeaways from President Trump’s defense against the impeachment hoax.


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The Intruder

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In this Dateline classic, local police and the FBI find themselves working side by side on a curious investigation when a violent home invasion rocks a small town in Maine. Andrea Canning reports. Originally aired on NBC on June 2, 2017.

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The Real Scandal Behind the Impeachment Sham (Ep 1166)

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In this episode, I address the explosive connections between the fake whistleblower and the impeachment conspirators. These connections will blow your mind. I also address information from this key election 2020 county that should frighten the Democrats. Finally, I address the latest breaking news in the Spygate case that indicate justice is coming. News Picks:

Breaking: The FISA warrants to spy on the Trump team are declared invalid.

Explosive new allegations about the fake whistleblower could rewrite the whole impeachment story. 

Sleazy Schiff jokes that senators will be imprisoned if they disrupt impeachment sham. 

Was the fake whistleblower close with Joe Biden? 

The big takeaways from yesterday’s impeachment sham. 

Former Clinton crony gets busted promoting fake news.

What’s happening in this Iowa swing-county may predict the results of the 2020 election. 

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