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Ep. 888 The Democrats Are Descending into Madness

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In this episode I address the latest outrageous comments by prominent Democrats about tax policy and immigration. These Democrats are lonely lying to you and this episode throughly discredits their nonsense. News Picks:This piece debunks silly liberal myths about tax policy.


What is “Pay Go” and why do we need it?


The government-class gets to do whatever they wish, seemingly without consequences. 


Even left-leaning Politifact debunked the “terrorists are not crossing the southern border” myth. 


The media is terrified of President Trump’s Immigration message.

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Ep. 887 The Unhinged Democrats

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In this episode I address the latest meltdown by the unhinged Democrats. I also address the latest positive job numbers and the economic challenges ahead. Finally, I address the threat of financial blacklisting and the threat of a cashless economy. 
News Picks:
The latest job numbers are incredible!
Newly elected liberal congresswoman goes on an obscene anti-Trump tirade.
President Trump makes a surprise appearance at the press briefing.
Financial blacklisting is a real and growing threat to free speech.
The global debt situation is approaching the danger zone. 
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Ep. 886 The Scandal Exposed !

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In this episode I address the disastrous decision by Mitt Romney to attack President Trump. I also address the stunning new revelations about the Obama administration’s efforts to destroy LTG Mike Flynn and the Trump team. 
News Picks:
President Trump is not backing down on the wall.
Sell-out Mitt Romney gets slammed by his own niece for his disgusting attack on President Trump.
Stunning new evidence emerges that LTG Mike Flynn was set up. 
Was the Steele dossier the basis for the framing of the Trump team? 
4 spicy debates to monitor in the incoming congress. 
Are we physically training our soldiers the wrong way?
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Ep. 885 Screw the Mediocracy !

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In this episode I devour the DC Swamp-Rat class which Victor Davis Hanson refers to as the “Mediocracy.” This is one of my most important shows I’ve ever done as I break down the significant damage the Swamp Rats have done to this country. 
News Picks:
One of the finest pieces I’ve read in a long time about the political elite’s war on Trump.
2 things about economics everyone must know.
5 threats to national security in 2019.
The number of sick kids soars at the border. 
CNN’s “journalist of the year” admits to faking news stories. 
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Ep. 884 The Government IS Your Problem

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In this episode I address the specifics of the debunked anti-Trump dossier point by point. I also address our growing deficit and debt problem and what it means for your wallet. Finally, I address three current news stories which collectively show that government is awful at “solving problems.” 
News Picks:
The Steele dossier debunked point by point. 
Three years in and the Paris climate agreement is already failing.
Facebook takes action against users for calling accused cop killer an illegal alien. 
Here’s an economic outlook report for 2019.
The liberal media is now accusing Trump of lying about being at the White House.