Ep. 783 The Democrats Need a Miracle

13 sierpnia, 2018 Wyłączone przez admin

In this episode I address the strong likelihood that the collusion hoax is really a cover story for the Clinton campaign’s dealings with a Putin-connected oligarch. I also debunk liberal talking points about tax reform and address corporate censorship of speech. 
News Picks:
This Lee Smith piece asks the question “Was it a setup?” about the Trump Tower meeting.
This John Solomon piece from May highlights some of the troubling conflicts Bob Mueller has. 
Read this Russian oligarch’s op-ed and you’ll find a few clues about the collusion hoax.
Another distraction by the Democrats in the Russia probe.
Ocasio-Cortez gets fact-checked by the Washington Post. It doesn’t end well. 
Omarosa has entirely disgraced herself. She’s an embarrassment. 
The government is raising record tax revenue, yet it is still running a deficit.
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